Painting Quick Tip

I figured I'd throw out a really helpful tip for all of you painters out there since I'm in the middle of painting our bathroom as we speak :) If you are anything like me, you can't waste your whole day away painting something, let it be furniture or even a bedroom.

On more than one occasion, I can't finish a project without being taken away from it. And it sure is a pain in the keister having to wash your paint brushes or rollers every time you stop in the middle. Especially, in between coats drying when the 'break' is only like two hours.

To save my sanity, I found a nifty little way to only wash your brush/roller once during your whole project...and that 'once' is after the whole thing is complete.

Its a little thing called plastic :) I like to use plastic wrap on my rollers and even on the brushes. Or you can use a sandwich bag for the brushes, just secure with a rubber band at the end!

Easy peasy! I've had my brushes stay like this for three days and they were still good :) Just make sure all the air is out of the bag, or the plastic wrap is secure. Its the best time saver ever for any paint project!

Hope this saves you time, your sanity, and your poor hands from getting dry from all the multiple washes :)

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  1. I love this little tip and have used it for happy now others will give it a try...

  2. I do this plus put it in the freezer.. works great!

  3. great tip thanks for sharing i will try it next time;)

  4. I'used this idea last summer, too late for my poor green hands (windows) but it's a great idea ^_- especially if the second hand is only after 2 hours, it's true XD
    I love your office/guest room *___*
    Baci dall'Italia
    and sorry if my english is not good ^^;)

  5. I love this *simple* tip. I need to give it to my husband, so that we don't ruin another paintbrush because it doesn't get cleaned in time. Ha! Glad to have found your blog via linky...

  6. Good idea! I hate having to clean brushes and the less I have to do that the better!

  7. Yes! That is such a wonderful tip. I've been doing that for years (I use plastic grocery bags for the large rollers and tie them off) and they work perfect! I just finished painting my kitchen and living room... it was no small feet... 16 hours of painting...

  8. I love this tip! I[ve used it often! I place mine in the refrigerator to keep it even longer. :)

    Mallory @ Classy Clutter


happy DIYing! Alicia