Friday, March 30, 2012

Spring It Forward with Home Depot + Giveaway!

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Its feeling like spring around here! Finally :) Although I can't complain too much; we haven't had much of a winter. Its been super nice....and I think I've gotten a little spoiled with it. I say every year that I'm going to move because I can't stand the snow. Don't get me wrong...its beautiful. Beautiful if you don't ever have to drive in it. lol. I get crazy anxiety even with the thought of snow in the forecast. But it's winters like this that prolong my 'moving'.

So, spring came early this year! And of course, with spring, comes all the beautiful flowers blossoming, and bushes and trees returning to their beautiful lushness -and surprises when my trees actually have blossoms on them, cuz that means I didn't kill them :) I was a little worried about those poor buggers.  And what spring gives to us, it only makes sense to give back and have others enjoy it also. So I've joined up with Home Depot in their Spring It Forward Campaign. They are having their Spring Black Friday sales event that's going on today and this weekend. Sounds a bit like Christmas doesn't it? That's what I thought. But apparently, Spring is like Christmas for Home Depot. This is their time of year to offer amazing prices on live plants and also their time of year to help give back.

So, I stopped by Home Depot to check out what they had, and oh my goodness, Spring is in full bloom there! My only hope is that old man winter doesn't decide to return with a vengeance. I'm in full Spring mode now :) And I had the privilege of shopping their spring sale. Umm. Yeah. Good deals folks, good deals! I'm going back tomorrow with the hubs to get going on our yard :) And hopefully that darn bee stays away from this time :)

And with all of the spring blooms, I thought it only fit to pick some out for my neighbors and surprise them!
Then I headed home and printed off some gift tags from Home Depot’s Spring It Forward Facebook application. Attached them to each plant. I decided to go about this anonymously, and just wrote kind admiration's instead, like "You Rock" "You are Awesome" "We Heart You". You know, the neighborly things to say :)

Many of my neighbors are new to the street. And many don't have much in their yards yet because we are in a new development. So I felt it fitting to leave these as little "welcome to the neighborhood" type gifts.
So off we go! It was such a pretty day so Max came along to help us with the little surprise :)
 And I dragged the hubs along to help too :)
 Aren't these beautiful? I gave two neighbors these and they have brightened up their porches so much! I drove by them on my way home again, and they are soooo pretty :)
 Here's a funny story on this one. This is one of our friends/neighbors. See all those big rocks? Well they are all brought up three flights of stairs by this little one:
 Not the one on the left....but the little one on the right, Molly. How funny is that?? They are like the same size as her! She literally grabs a hold of them with her mouth and takes them upstairs with her to play. lol! I love it! (sorry for the blurry was a quite a zoom to get up there :) )
I grabbed a ton more of little flowers also. These were all under $1 each. I thought a lot of them would go perfect with one of my neighbors flowers beds :) Surprise surprise!!!

Well, do you want some plants of your own to give away? Home Depot is offering 3 of my readers a $20 gift card so you can Spring It Forward and surprise a friend, neighbor or stranger with a lovely plant of their own :) All you have to do to enter is:
  1. Leave a comment below about who you would like to surprise with a beautiful plant or flower.
  2. Blog about it, Facebook about it, or Tweet about it -and leave a comment below with a link for each one.
You are eligible for 4 entries! Not bad considering 3 of you will win :) I will notify the winner by email, so please be sure to leave a way for me to get a hold of you. (Must be a TandC follower/subscriber to win)

This giveaway ends Thursday, April 5th at Midnight MST.

Be sure to check out the Home Depot Facebook page and Spring It Forward Application. You will find a wide variety of plant ideas and tags you can print out and attach to plants/flowers that you would like to "pay it forward" with. You can even give virtual plants to your Facebook friends :) Also, be sure not to miss out on their sale this weekend!Maybe I'll see you there!

Disclosure: In my partnership with Home Depot, they gave me a gift card to purchase my Spring It Forward plants.
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