Entryway Update

I wish this title had 'board and batten' in it, but alas, that has yet to happen in my poor little entryway. I know it will, but as all projects go, it'll happen when I get around to doing it...oh and when it doesn't cost a fortune to do :) I guess it wouldn't cost so much to do on the entryway wall, but the fact that I want it done in the front room and then wrap its way around that wall is what is going to be a hefty nickle.

So, I've never thought of my entryway or entry hallway as being big. There's space, just not much usable space. I was surprised to even be able to fit this table in here (which will be getting an update soon!). I've always wanted a nice seating area in my entryway. haha, is that weird??? I know. It is. But, I still would like that, with a nice plush settee and a cute little table. One can wish, can't she?
So here's the before:: (nothing better than a horrible before picture, right?)
And then there's the wall. The big blank 20 foot high wall. I didn't really think to put anything on it cuz thats where the board and batten would eventually live. But its been big and blank and bare for three years now.

And then we got some family pictures taken...and I thought. Hmmm. That would be the perfect place for those pictures! And then when the board and batten gets put up, I can just put them above it. Duh! So yeah. That was like 4 months ago. Had all the frames painted (from the dollar store) and ready to go...they were even hanging. Blank, with no pictures cuz I have yet to get prints of them...or even see them. Ugh. So for like two months, I was reading "4x6 yadda yadda yadda" in every frame as I walked down the hall :) Yes. Two Months.

Anyway. Long story. So, I don't have the pictures yet still. But  I did fill them with some coordinating scrapbook paper and now that wall doesn't look 'too' bad. Still bare and blank from the frames on up and the frames on down, but oh well.

Back to my sitting area now. Or the one I wish I had :) So, when I decided to move this bench from the foot of my bed and place some chairs in front of it instead....
.....I needed a place for the bench. I never ever ever thought that it would fit in the hallway, I just put it there to move it out of the way.
And whattaya know! It actually looked decent and there was plenty of room to walk around and have Max blur past to chase a ball. :) I'm still not sure about this pillow arrangement. I use to have it a little different....

But then no one ever used the bench. It was like a entry table...but only two feet high instead :)

I use to watch my guests hop and hop to take on and off there shoes when they came to our house. (Its actually quite entertaining...although I really did feel bad) but now they have a place to sit to take there shoes off, ...and now I have extra storage for my mittens and scarves and what not :) You can learn how I made this bench here.

Sorry, random post, and not much of a do it yourself kind thing, but I learned you never know anything until you try it. ....Although, I guess, I do know that a 6x5 rug still won't fit in here :) Even though I really wish it would. :) One thing I did try though, and it totally looked silly..well, not to silly...but lets just say this was the one thing that I've done that the hubs said.."ummm, no. Thats NOT staying like that." Was a curtain hanging over the door frame into the front room. Still to this day, in my mind, it looks beautiful. But in reality, I guess it just didn't :(

I'm trying another one of those 'don't know until you try' things in my dining room as we speak. Cross your fingers!!


  1. My favorite part of this post..."You can learn how I made this bench here." -- but the rest of it was pretty awesome too. It looks fantastic!

  2. Love the "All you need is Love" pillow. Also, gotta appreciate how a room can look fresh and new with just a bit of re-arranging.

  3. Really like the bench in the entryway, but not a huge fan of the two chairs and table at the end of the bed.

  4. Very curious? Will guests use the bench for their shoes since it is on the carpet? can you make a little bench to put where the table is right AT the door, and put a table where the bench is? Just curious. Is there a closet on the other side of the front door? Thanks for inspiring others. Take Care!

  5. Very pretty! http://www.thevintagefarmhouse.com/2012/02/creative-things-thursday-link-up-for.html

  6. It really does look great right there! I would be thrilled if you stopped by linky party going on all weekend!

    Kim@ Too Much Time On My Hands

  7. Amazing pictures... pinning a few!!

  8. I just LOVE everything you post! I could spend hours just reading your blog :) Quick question, who did your pictures? I can't imagine it taking months to get your pictures back! :/

  9. What is your wall color in the bedroom, love this .......

  10. I just discovered your website today while on pinterest and I am obsessed with reading every DIY project that you have done. You are so creative and thoughtful in your design process. I just love it and will be checking out your site regularly now.


happy DIYing! Alicia