Recovered Salvaged Chair

So as you may remember...or maybe you wiped it from your memory as I old office. And then if you can even recall, the 'chair' from my office. It was actually an ottoman that I got from the thrift store for like three bucks. I then made a slipcover for it with some dollar fabric. And yeah. I used it has my 'chair' for three years. It was a horrible experience, but kept strong and kept using it. haha.

how to reupholster a chair
Well. Since I had such a great chair that I totally didn't need to replace, I don't know why I even jumped at the idea of taking another chair home as its replacement. ...I'm being completely sarcastic right now if you can't tell :) ...

This chair was off to the dumpster when I snagged it. It was a little wobbly, but all in all, it still had a decent shape. I figured with my office redo I wouldn't want to keep my ol' ottoman in there as pretty as that would be, so I thought this would be a great replacement! This is where the sad music starts and the ottoman starts limping out of the room :)
Anyway, to start things out in this updating process, I started disassembling the parts. I took off the seat, then unscrewed a few screws to remove the back.
I was left with the frame. I could have spraypainted this, but even with great ventilation in my basement, the smell lingers in my house for days and days. Not so awesome. So I figured save some brain cells and hand paint it.
Yes. I paint in my kitchen. And as I said before, yes it drives my husband nuts. haha. oh well. Anyway. So I painted this Linen White, the perfect contrast for the fabric I was going to use for the cushions.
Next was to recover the cushions. I got the fabric from Hobby Lobby. It was a little more expensive than I wish it had been...heck I wish it was free...but who am I kidding :) I think I got it for about fifteen dollars for the yard. Which is THE MOST I have ever ever spent on fabric. But, it was the perfect fabric, so I had too :)

To start, I placed the cushion face down on the fabric, also face down. Cut about a 5 inch allowance around the cushion.
I then pulled the fabric on one end up and over the cushion and stapled it. I then did that to the opposite end, pulling that end tight and stapling it. To do the next two sides, I took the already folded piece of fabric from the top and put it together with the fabric right underneath it on the bottom (pictured above).
I then folded it towards the nonstapled side -like wrapping a present.
recover chair seat
Held it there, and then took the bottom fabric and folded it over the rest of it. Pulling it hard, I secured it in place with a staple. Did  this to all the corners. And then of course, stapled the rest of the fabric to the cushion up and down each side.
recover chair
I then placed all the cushions back on the chair. And vavavoom! Ain't she pretty?
how to recover chair
For the chair back, it was pretty easy to cover, I essentially made a 'pillow case' for it and slipped it in there. The back is upside down, but I sadly don't care.

I got really lucky with not having to replace the cushions and a little tightening of the screws made all difference in the world with its wobbliness.
reupholster a chair
I like to think its a little better than the ottoman. haha.
diy chair makeover
Here's how it sits today. I had to jazz it up with a little throw and pillow, cuz who would I be if I didn't over decorate things??

And on a different note, this is what I found sitting behind me today. haha. He totally had the monkey hanging on him like that all by himself. And yes he is sitting in my place, thats why he was 'behind' me. Thus being, me sitting on the floor. But how can you move such a sweet face??? And now you all know why I always have a blanket protecting the couch cushions :)


  1. I can't believe it's the same chair! Fabulous!

  2. what a great makeover! Sometimes you have to splurge on fabric because it makes such a dramatic difference ;) well done!

  3. That chair is gorgeous! I'm going to head to my Hobby Lobby to see if they have the same fabric. It could have so many uses!

  4. I absolutely love that fabric - I don't like spending that much on fabric - but I would have bought it too.The chair turned out fantastic!
    Saw you on TT&J

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  7. It looks beautiful! This caught my eye because I just bought the exact same fabric at Hobby Lobby to cover a set of chairs! and yes, I totally agree the most I have ever paid for fabric, thankfully I was able to use a gift card ;) After seeing how yours turned out I'm motivated to finish the project!


happy DIYing! Alicia