Easy Picture Hanger/Wall Organizer

Seeing that its January, it feels fit to be talking about organization. Just kidding. It just so happens to be the next project in my office that I'm going to tell you about...and it coincidentally happens to be January.
diy picture hanger
Two good things about this project. #1 -it was free. #2 -took me two minutes to make. I guess there are three...so #3 -now I have a place to put my little odd papers, pictures, and reminders.
To  start, I took an old frame I had lying around. It was already spraypainted white from a previous project. Yay for undone projects! haha. Then I took some jute, knotted one end.
Secured it to the inside of the frame with a staple gun, making sure the knot was on the outside end of the staple. Strung across the jute to the other side. Knotted that side. Stapled. 
jute hanger
 Did this three times. Voila. See, easy right? Probably you could do this blindfolded and with one hand tied behind your back. Scratch that. Not blindfolded, we're dealing with staples and guns here. Okay, so maybe just the one hand thing.
clothespin hanger
Next was the clothespins. I was going to keep them their natural color, but it matched my wall too much, so I just used a brown furniture scratch fixer marker. Probably could do this with any marker, that sadly just happens to be the only markers I have. You could also modge podge these into something great! But. I wanted this to be easy, no fuss, no making sure the paper is just the right size with goop all over.
easy organization
And there you have it! Easy cheap organization. I may or may not do something like this with a wider frame. A little more dramatic...oh and a little more organization. Just have to make frame like that first :) As I said, this was meant to be easy and quick.

Next post? The opposite side of my office :) Yay!


  1. Love it! I just did the same thing for a baby shower a few months ago on a larger scale for all the guest notes to the new mommy. http://directionsnotincluded.blogspot.com/2011/12/visiting-living-savvy-memo-board.html
    It is such a cute way for organizing and displaying. I need to make my own now.

  2. Beautiful!! love the use of wooden clothes pins! TFS!


happy DIYing! Alicia