Another DIY Side Table

Sorry for the impromptu hiatus. I think its lucky that I'm even getting this post out :) We took a weeks trip to Seattle and San Juan Islands off the coast of Washington. I can now say that I found the place that I will retire. Its so quiet and quaint with absolutely beautiful weather. I took some awesome inspiration photos, which will come soon :)

And now after being home for three days, I'm out of town again...and of course I forgot my other sd card that had the process on how to build my second side table. Figures, right? haha. Well, I'll try to walk through it without the pictures, its really not that hard. You can see my other side table for a relative guess on what I'm talking about :) Sound good? Alright.
Well, for some reason, I've come down with a case of hating matchy matchy pieces. Like, my old side tables matching were bugging me, besides the fact that they were too big which was also bugging me. So, when I started the process of building my new side tables, I wanted them to have a similar look and feel, but not be the exact same. Plus, I needed a place for 'hidden' storage' and my first side table didn't allow that for the most part. I guess it could have worked...but then there was the hubs that kept complaining that there wasn't enough room on the top to sit his drinks. So....I had to come up with a different design.
Which worked perfect! It hides all the dogs toys and has ample room for drinks and plates...and whatever else inevitably finds it way onto it.
This process was really easy. I took 6 equal lengths of a 2x6 with a miter cut on one end, flat on the other...I think its about 23" tall...and secured three of them side by side together with a 1x2 closer to the flat end. I then cut three pieces at about 18" long, mitered on both ends.

I secured the top pieces to the side pieces first just using a nail gun. Then to give it more stability, I placed two 1x2 pieces in each corner, one supporting the top, and one on the side. Screwed them into the side and top and then into eachother.

I hope that made sense without pictures. :)

If not, here's a few angles on the table.

After everything was screwed and nailed together, I sanded the heck out of the wood. Then got annoyed with not being able to get out some of those crosshatch know the ones...Anyway. I figured it added character. haha. I then stained it dark walnut to the match the other piece.
Alright. Well hope you all have a great weekend! My life gets back to normal next week, so hopefully my posting will become normal again. haha :)


  1. I love and easy and simple looking both are. Is the wood pine that you're using?

  2. Hey this looks great! I love the stain you used on these pieces. So simple but so lovely & perfect!

  3. Love your room and the end table is fantastic. What a great idea. I've been to the San Juan Islands and you are right, they are just wonderful. Can't wait to see the pics. Hugs, Marty

  4. love the table!
    you left just in time to miss the rain that will now fall until july 5th!

  5. Lovely end table! I bet it looks amazing with the other equally lovely end table you made.

  6. I love the table! great job!

    Lindsey Turner

  7. Hi, love your blog and read it every time you post something new. Next week, I am going to try your headboard. Wish me luck, i'm going to need it. Love everything you have done with your fireplace, and I have a suggestion. I have a fireplace just like yours and last fall we put a wrought iron door on it and it looks FABULOUS! Didn't know there was such a thing till I found the companies website. Its, and they are awesome!
    Thanks again! Your blog is amazing and love every one of your ideas!

  8. so simple, yet so cute! LOVE the project! Coming to you via Tip Me Tuesday!!!

  9. It is perfect!!! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Love it! So rustic and natural looking. Great job!

  11. I love this piece! Awesome job as always:)

  12. I also have a blog about DIY furniture and rehabing. IT will be great for people trying to decorate an apartment with thrift store finds. Check it out!

  13. What type of wood did you use? Do you have a certain type that is your favorite for your other projects?

    1. This is just a 2x6 pine board. Nothing special, super durable and heavy though.


happy DIYing! Alicia