Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Laundry Room Re-do

Well, its been two years. So of course I need to tame my decorating ADD and change up the laundry room ...again.
I have a hate hate relationship with said laundry room. We have no cabinets in there, and we have like 10 foot high ceilings, so I NEED cabinets in there, its just complete wasted space. Especially when we have no closets in our house, I need all the extra space I can get for storage.
Second off...its small. Very small. Just a walk through space from the garage into the main house. Therefor it gets messy. Its the landing place of all things junk. And sometimes not junk, so then its fun trying to find it amidst the junk :)
I have realized through my years that subconsciously when I start getting sick of a space in my house, I don't ever care if its clean or not. That's when I know its time for a change.
This has recently happened in my laundry room.
This was what it was suppose to look like after my last re-do. and looked like that for about a few weeks...and off and on over the past two years. Now imagine it with mounds and mounds of clothes, screws, hammers, turkey decoy boxes (yes, you heard me right) papers, magazines, the top shelf full of who knows what...lights (non-working and working), random accessories I didn't want to go downstairs to put away, a couple three or four empty detergent bottles....etc, get the point.
I should have taken a picture :( mainly to remind myself not to let it get like that again, but I didn't. I had to find places for all that random stuff when our dryer went out and we had to buy a new one. Therefore, all the crap sitting on the dryer had to find a new place to live in order to move the old dryer out and the new in.
And then that pushed me to change the laundry room.
I needed something new and fresh.
Since, I couldn't wait to put cabinets in....and didn't want to spend the money on them, I decided to just add two more shelves made out of particle board. It worked for the first one, so why not try it again, right? 
I then went to town with my spraypaint.
I painted the brown baskets green.
My grandma's black mail holder white.
The frames white.
The shelves white. 
The vase white.
The brackets white.
Yes, I like white :)
Much to my husband's chagrin. (is it sad I only know that word because of the Twilight books :) lol)
But I did add some blue in there with the help from a little birdy from my childhood and some wire baskets my mom gave me. 
I then added some new scrapbook paper into the frames.
Here's the old. 
...and now the new.
And grabbed a leaf from my watermelon plant to incorporate more green into the room.
The only problem? I was too busy decorating, and not thinking of storage. lol.
Luckily I already had the baskets that hid all the nails and screws, the dog stuff, and the dryer sheets.
To hide the other stuff, like wood glue, wood filler, painters tape, etc. and the light bulbs, I grabbed the pink boxes out of my pantry and put them to use.
Now I have some storage.
Not much :)
But at least it looks pretty. lol
As I said before, the hubs is sick....S.I.C.K. of all the white going on in my house right now.
But, the way I see it, at least I am adding in my color :) Right????
See, now instead of black and white, and yellow, I have white, yellow, green, blue, pink and some brown stashed in there :)

I see it as an improvement!
The cost of this project was $31.
$18 for all six brackets.
$13 for the two shelves.