Easy DIY Fondant Recipe

Over the past few years of being married I have learned one thing.
 I am not a cook....scratch that....I am not a good cook :)
I can cook. You just may or may not want to eat it once I'm done. lol
I have been known to burn boiling water. I know this isn't possible, but you can tell my neighbors that when I woke them up at six in the morning with my smoke detector going off :)

But out of adversity comes success :) I like to think that I'm a good baker instead. lol
And since I bake, sometimes I like to decorate things and make them pretty and then freak out when people eat it. 
See, when you decorate your house, it stays like that for as long as you want -for the most part- but when you decorate something to eat, I just see it as a lot of work going down a hole. lol. no pun intended, haha, maybe a little bit :)

Anyway. I especially hate spending a whole bunch of time and money on this for that reason.
I like to make cupcakes and cakes and have wondered over the years about starting to use fondant but didn't want to venture down that road with all my time being thrown down the drain or money for that matter.

And I've heard that a lot of fondant recipes are just plain gross.
Along with the store bought fondant...pretty much inedible.

I was seriously so scared of the thought of making my own fondant until I found this awesome and easy recipe over at Make It and Love It.....and??? it tastes great!

All you need are these ingredients:
Seriously! How awesome is that?
Its probably things you have in your pantry sitting there wanting to become something a little more as we speak. lol.
Anyway. I just thought I should let you guys know about this awesome recipe and tutorial! You can find it here at Make It and Love It.

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  1. Awesome, thanks! Have you made anything with it yet? I've only used fondant once - for my sister's baby shower cake. The cake turned out SUPER cute, but the fondant was NASTY!!! It was store-bought, of course.


happy DIYing! Alicia