Sweet Chalkboard Love Sentiments

Hey hey! I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day weekend! We spent it being stuffed silly with lots of food. But it was fun and totally worth the unbuttoning of the pants J

So, I'm currently stuck in between a few projects. I'm at the phase that I'm past the excited part of getting it started and at the no-motivation part cuz I'm nowhere near the end. You know the feeling, right?

So, to make me feel like I can actually finish a project. I did a really quick one to make me feel good :) lol

The other day I needed some signs for my boutique so I ran to the dollar store to get some frames and truthfully, the frames currently there right now are sooo not to die for. Very ....very .....boring.
But I needed some.
So I bought some.
Oh...but they had this awesome mirror! Couldn't stand not having that.
It didn't take much to transition these ugly little babies into something I would actually use...both at my boutique..and in my house.
Just a few coats of chalkboard spraypaint and some acrylic paint turned them into great signs and perfect sweet love sentiments J

Oh, and a two cute felt flowers in the corner helped too ...
The mirror didn't come out of the frame, so I just spraypainted the whole thing with the chalkboard paint and then when it was dried, carefully painted the frame white.
One thing I learned when using chalkboard spraypaint is that tons of coats work the best. If you only use one or two coats, the chalkboard won't last long once you start using it. I think I probably used like 5 coats on these.

I love dollar store crafts. Mainly cuz they are cheap....and are usually something you can do in under an hour.
This only took maybe 5 minutes to do....just waiting to let the paint dry took the longest.

And now that I have a cute little table in my entry way, I actually have a place to put something like this:

Now...I hope your'alls projects are going better than mine! I need to find me some motivation J


  1. so cute! would love it if you'd share over at my linky party-20 minute tuesdays- today! your project is perfect for it!

    thanks for considering.

  2. They look awesome. I love them. Very creative idea. Hugs, Marty

  3. that's it I need this as my new projects for the next week! How much is chalkboard paint? where do you get it?


happy DIYing! Alicia