Friday, April 15, 2011

One Thrifty Chick

Okay, so obviously I like knock-off decor. I think its safe to say that most of us do!
I got my Pottery Barn catalogue in the mail awhile ago and saw a fantabulous clock that I knew someone somewhere would recreate.....on the cheap! And I wish it was me, but alas, I haven't yet although it would be soooo super easy.

Well, Selina from Creative Juices Decor is today's One Thrifty Chick cuz she did just that!
She took just a cheap laminated wood circle from the thrift store and turned it into a show stopper! 
Check out her blog for other great inspiration! And you can check out her tutorial on the clock here.

If you can't find a steal on some round wood at the thrift store, you can get a round piece of particle board at the home improvement store for like $5 if you want to try this out! Totally beats PB's price tag.

Here's another awesome clock from PB I just found....mmmm. beautiful! Oh, and totally knock-off worthy!
Have a great weekend ladies!