Monday, April 25, 2011

My Sweet Lil' Peeps

I hope everyone had an enjoyable Easter weekend!
Mine was  J
Not just because of the candy, cupcakes, candy, cookies, hard boiled eggs...and well candy.
But because of these little guys!
Yep my husband thought we needed a little farm.
He's been talking about get chicks for forever now.
I wasn't sure at first and thought it was something that would never happen. Just one of those 'ideas' that men come up know the kind right?
Well. Short story short.
He wasn't kidding
Now we have eight chicks and two ducks!
I'm sooo so giddy over the ducklings. They are the most adorable things in the universe!
We took them on there first 'swim' and it was the funniest thing to watch! They didn't know what to do, so they would stand on their tip tip toes and try to walk around. Then when they figured out they could float, their little feet were going a hundred miles an hour fluttery everywhere.!
They can't quite hold there heads up yet, so when they sleep, their bills go straight into the pine shavings. This lil' one figured out how to solve that problem  J
Last night I walk into the room to find this. How freak'n cute is that!

I'm still not so sure about this whole crazy idea about raising 8 chickens and 2 ducks, but I'll hang in there and probably keep you posted.  J
Until then, enjoy this cute video of my duckies first swim! (don't mind the commentary on my part)