Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Decorating Bookshelves

To this day, I am elated that I finally have some shelves to put stuff on. My living room seemed like it was lacking something without them. I don't know if it was personality, maybe our personality...but something was just missing. Now with these shelves, everything just flows...and a lot of this has to do with what I chose to put on them....and what I chose not to put on them.
I've read a lot about what to do and what not to do when decorating shelves. The main thing I think we all can take away from any of them is to Just Keep It Simple and Less Is More. But then again, it always goes back to what you love and your own tastes. My taste is simple and clean. I'm not a fan of clutter...but yet I still think bookshelves jammed packed full of books are still beautiful! ~just in someone else's house J
Besides fighting off the urge to put something in every empty space, its also important to choose the right color combination. I kept mine mainly neutral with a pops of green and silver. For a clean simple look, try to stay with one accent color or use tone-on-tone colors.
Also add interest with varying heights. Change up the size and shapes of vases and books. Play around with the depth of the items also. My shelves are 24 inches deep so it was easy to put somethings further back than others...its important to try to do this as much as you can even if your shelf is only 8 inches deep.
The most important thing for me was to add new pieces with old. All of the books that are on my shelves are from my mom, grandpa, grandma, and even down to my great-great grandparents. I love that these aren't sitting in a box in the basement being forgotten instead they are being cherished and adored. Most of these books did not go with my color scheme, but that was easily solved by placing them with the pages out.
I just LOVE the juxtaposition of the antiqued books with the silver vases! I think it totally adds interest and intrigueJ 
Also add interest by stacking the books horizontally AND vertically.
The best thing about decorating bookshelves, is that it lets you carry out the theme of your living space into the shelves themselves. For me, I was able to add another much needed accent color into my living room without having to add many other accessories into the room and fear cluttering it.
Another good thing about bookshelves? Hiding the clutter! I didn't add many baskets onto my shelves, but I was able to stash a little one on the bottom that hides all my small work out weights and resistance bands - looks much better hiding in there than cluttering up a corner J


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