Monday, March 14, 2011

Upcycled Art

This feels like it is never ending. I don’t know what I was thinking trying to completely change the color pallet in my house. It seems that once I finally think I’m done, there is something else that sticks out like a soar thumb that needs to be changed.
Well. I am happy to say this. I am done with our living room! (cross your figures that I don’t find anything else to change in there J  ) All that was left was one small project and one humungous project…both that were completed this weekend! Now, only if my dining room will fall in line J 
Okay, for the small project- I once heard that you need to change around the art in your house often because if its been there for awhile, you forget to notice it. I think this totally make sense. My front room has had the same pictures in it since we moved it. Pretty much in the same place. Last month I moved them around to different walls, and voila! I notice them all the time now.
It was the same with this picture in the corner.

See, you hardly even notice it….even when there’s a big red circle around it. It was an attempt to bring some photos of me and my husband into our living room. He criticizes me for not having more pictures of us, so I put this in hereJ  Well, obviously, it’s never been noticed. I know this because first off…he always says we don’t have any pictures of us still! And this is sitting right above his head J  Second, because when I totally changed up the living room, I didn’t even think to change it cuz it was ‘out of sight out of mind’ kind of thing.

Well. Its off the wall now….mainly because the colors on the frame and matte were too dark and they stuck out like a soar thumb after everything else was changed. So, I had to figure out something to put in its place that wouldn’t go unnoticed like this little baby did. And of course, it had to be cheap. Cheap as in I have to either make it out of wood scraps or craft paper or something that I already had in the house.
Then I remembered the two empty rolls of wrapping paper that were left over from Christmas. I had saved them to do some crafts with and totally forgot about them!

I knew I didn’t want my new ‘art’ piece to just be the color of the rolls. I had a project stuck in my head and always imagined it white on the outside and brown on the inside, just to give it some dimension. So….next comes the Big Fail. For whatever reason, I thought that spray painting these tubes would work. Umm….note to self for next time. It doesn’t! I wasted half a can spray painting just one of these, and you couldn’t even tell it had more than a drop of paint on it once it dried.
So, next was the craft paint. Which worked perfect!
After the paint was dried, I just went after the rolls with my scissors. I flatted them first, then cut about ever half inch or so.
Next, I laid out the cut pieces on a table and started playing around to see what creative thing I could come up with. I knew I wanted it to be long, but that’s all I really cared about.
Well, the design ‘blossomed’ from there. Lol. Sorry, I had too J I would say no pun on words, but I totally meant to do it J
Then I just took some hot glue and tediously glued every piece one by one together.


Well, now my husband totally notices it. First thing he says….what in the world is that? Next thing he says…Its cool, but isn’t it odd to be in the living room? Lol. I think as time goes by, and I get more empty rolls of wrapping paper, I’ll add to this little art piece, right now it seems like it needs just a little more something…

But, until more forgotten pieces of art or photos here any more…at least for now…and you can’t beat free and upcycled art!