Retro Lamp ReViVaL

Happy Wednesday everyone! Don't you just love Wednesday? Especially when its like 5:00pm Wednesday and your getting off of work, means you only have two more days to the weekend! Yay :)
I am soooo looking forward to that 5:00.

So, I decided the other day that I think the world is against me.
I have spent months and months trying to find THE perfect lamp to redo. It had to have good lines, be cheap, and ....well... be cheap. I couldn't find anything, forever. I'm pretty sure the thrift stores around me think they are Neiman Marcus or something...they are always sooo over priced. I totally don't get it. for months I couldn't find a lamp.

And then....I finally found one, which you can see the makeover here. It wasn't the best looking one and it was only $8 (more than I wanted to spend but I was desperate to get my craft on), so I bought it and redid it.
I was happy. But still not satisfied.
Then I went to a different thrift store. And found a lamp for $4! And then another one, and another one and oh so many more every time I go there! I mean.....I didn't have any lamps for months and now I wanted like 20 in a week.
But thank goodness I have a hubs that would KILL me if I brought home more than two lamps (although I did bring home three so far and am still not dead) I have self control.

So, here's my 3rd one....totally redone :)
(Way better than the 2nd, thats why it hasn't found its place onto my blog yet)
This pretty puppy was well.....quite retro before it got into my hands:

I mean, the lamp shade was flipp'n awesome...who doesn't love a huge shade? :)
But the brass had to go.
And the whole thing kind of looked a little 70s.
And knowing that it had been around for over 30 years had me dying to cover the lamp shade that was surely packed-full of mutt.

But....perhaps I made it a little more retro with the redo?
I don't know....but I love it :)

Thank goodness the lamp shade was completely round with no tapering because the before mentioned lamp was not fun to try to add ribbon to to hide the edges.
(wow...thats a lot of 'to's)
See here.....this was so simple :)

And I'm really bad at not checking to see if the lamps work before I buy them...I don't necessarily like going by all the grimy, grungy men that are usually checking out to see if the 20 year old jute box still works just to see if my $4 lamp will light up....and there's never a light bulb lying around anyway..

So....3 out of 3 times so far, I have been blessed, and the lamp still lights up:
Happy day!
Anyways....Here's how I had my room before with the frightingly small lamp:

And after :)

Happy creating everyone!!

Lets get these parties started:


  1. Oh wow!! It's gorgeous!! I absolutely LOVE it. Great job!

  2. Wow! I love the lamp it is so cute! Nice job!

  3. I know what you mean about not being able to find a lamp for weeks. It's either famine or feast. Im up to lamp number 4 and still havent found my perfect lamp lol (and none that have a shade that's easy to cover). Your lamp redo looks fantastic.

  4. That's beautiful! I really love the fabric you used to cover the shade.

  5. Super cute!! I need to hang out at the thrift stores you do! All the lamps at my stores have either no shades or really weird not matching ones! Yours turned out so great!

  6. You did really good, I like this one, very retro hip. There's a message board on Pottery Barn that hubby and I are trying to recreate, a large 3' x 4' w/ two bars, have you seen it, I bet you could do it easily.

  7. I love a good lamp revamp...and this one rocks! Really pretty bucket shade. Thanks for sharing and for linkin' up to Frugalicious Friday!

    Jane @ Finding Fabulous

  8. I found you from your guest post over at Michelle's.
    You do some great stuff! I'm your newest follower!


happy DIYing! Alicia