The Magical World Of Spraypaint

Remember this? Thought so...of course it was just one post ago.

Now see this?
Eh? Nice and delicious.
Well these.....use to look like this:

Not so fact, pretty grimy.
Thank goodness for spraypaint. (oh, and a little cardstock)

And once again.....
Remember this?

Well this use to be my grandmothers.....
so obviously it didn't start out looking like that. It looked like this:
Once again...It may be from all the fumes....but I absolutely love spraypaint. It can transform just about anything into something wonderful :)


  1. That is very neat! I love the transformation. I think spray painting is fun too but for some reason I seem to always feel like doing it in the winter and then yes the fumes can be very bad!

  2. You are not alone in your spray paint love. I really like how you took something that has been kept in the family and made it work for you.

    Your room is just lovely!

  3. Loverly! Is that Oil Rubbed Bronze? Love how you updated the letter holder.

  4. thank the Lord for spray paint, eh?

    very creative~


happy DIYing! Alicia