Stenciling books

So, I think its been quite awhile since I've last, forrrevvva. So, here's the deal. I have like fifty.million.craft.slash.decorating.projects going on right now. And it's to the point, I can't finish one because I want to start another. Or, I finish one, and just don't know what to do with it or where to hang it on the wall and so on and so forth. So, here's a quick one I was able to do and finish and find a place, pretty much, it feels like I accomplished something (big pat on the back).

I have had a set of books underneath my coffee table for quite some time now. I like people to think that I am some what scholastic :) so, I figured, what better way to do that than put a whole pile of books on your coffee table, right? (at least, that's what I keep telling myself). Here's one of the books--

World Book Dictionary....I know right? I have a whole slew of them along with National Geographic....SMRT :) Not that they looked so bad, I just like monochromatic things, so I decided to cover a good portion of them that weren't entirely black. I just wrapped the book as if I were wrapping a gift, only I just wrapped the cover, as.seen.below--

Then I got my lovely handy stencil out, dabbed a little paint and...
Voila :)

My uber delectable books that I completely love, and it was soooooeasy.
I have one on top and few on the bottom. If I get some more time and patience to wrap more books, I may just do this to all of them, although I like the contrast with the black book in the middle still.

And, just in case you missed the other pic......Do you heart it? I heart it :)


  1. Great idea!! I was thinking of covering some books with burlap. If I do I'll have to try some stenciling on that!

  2. great idea! thanks for sharring!

  3. i LOVE that! it's a small detail that really does make a big impact. :)

  4. Love this kind of project! Great idea!!!

  5. I love it! I really enjoyed looking around your blog! What great ideas!!
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happy DIYing! Alicia