Sunday, August 23, 2009

Desk=Sofa Table

I figured I should write about some more furniture refurbishing. Surprised??? Shouldn't be. I think that's all I ever write about. :)
Here's the "sofa table" that is currently in our family room.

But it's really an old desk! I've had this desk since I was like 13, it served its purpose and now it has a new one :) (It also houses our stereo, as you can see) I just spraypainted the top then covered it with a $3 twin sheet.

I folded the sheet in half and stitched on some ribbon for trim. I attached the "skirt" to the top edge of the desk with velcro dots (it makes it easy to remove, change out, and clean).

I did this two years ago, and I still love it! I've used this "skirt" idea with a number of other things in our house. Its a great trick!