Sunday, August 16, 2009

Another furniture transformation

Here's yet another furniture transformation. As I mentioned in my first post, we moved into our house with hardly any furniture, so I'm going to be refurbishing a lot of things within the next year or so (so hold on tight :)).

My neighbors were going to give this away to goodwill; I don't blame them, I probably would have too if it weren't for my current lack of furniture. So, given that I'm so desperate, I snatched it up before they could give it away.

So, this project definitely made me a believer in primer. I initially started spray painting the whole thing, and after about one can of paint and only a small noticeable difference in color, I gave in to the allure of primer. As you know, I like to get things done quick. Therefore, I like to skip unnecessary steps. Apparently, this one small step was necessary (tear in my eye, sniffle sniffle; there goes my patience). After a can of primer and two cans of spray paint (and three days later), I finally have a dresser in our guest bedroom.
(PS. don't mind the attic access panel I attempted to hide behind the mirror). Mentioning the mirror, it was originally dark dark purple so, now with my new knowledge of primer, I was able to paint this one quickly :) to match the dresser.
I distressed the dresser (like I pretty much do to all my refurbished furniture)
Here's a another view :)