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Spring is all about refreshing. Although, I'm sure I should do more spring cleaning...which I do very little spring refreshing is just redecorating :) It's been about time to give my living room a new-ish look. It's small changes, but enough that if feels like I'm in a fresh new space. 
I shared with you last week about some cottage decorating ideas AI offered. I took some ideas from those photos and implemented them in my living room. Many of the tips I offered, I used in here such as the books in the bookshelves and creating a cozy reading corner. The first step was adding this amazing new rug. It brought a whole new feel this room.

Although this cozy little corner has always existed, I felt it needed a little more. Mainly in the area of the bookshelves above the TV. I add more books to compliment the flanking bookshelves on the other side of the mantel. I also added lots of layers and vintage touches to make this little corner all that more cozy.

More tips tips to make your living room or space have that cottage feel is adding lots of textures. I love this wicker storage trunk. It's great for storage, and is multi-functional acting like a side table. Plus, adding extra soft places to land on the floor is another added touch to up the cozy factor. These cushions act as extra seating, pillows, and beds for my cats :)
As I mentioned before, layering is such an important part of making any space nice and cozy. Layers for me happen in many ways. Lots of pillows and throw blankets are added to chairs and couches. Layers also happen in shelves and on any surface really. Layering can even happen on the ground with rugs and cushions. 

This is my new favorite view in this room. I took out all the wood that has adorned these shelves for the past few years. I was nervous to do so, but it brought such a great refresh to this space! I added a ton of my books (yes, I've read the majority of these), and turned them around to keep the neutral tones. At first, all I had were the books, but I felt they needed some more interest. So, I worked with adding pots, vases, artwork, and frames into them. 

There's always been a fine balance of what to put on these shelves so they don't compete with the fireplace mantel decor. I never want these two spaces to clash or compete. I kept the wood there for so long since I new they went well together. So, changing this up made me nervous. Keeping the neutral tones I think will help with cohesiveness. 

Here's a look at the mantel and this built-in bookshelf together. 

As for the items on the mantel, I added pops of green into some head planters. The one on the left is from a local vintage store but I found the exact one online, linked below. I linked up the candlesticks not knowing what to do with them...but ended up loving this look. The mirror in the back is another recent find from another one of my favorite antique stores. I've been looking for a wood one like this for years  at a decent price. I was happy to come across this one and add it to my mantel! 

As for the layers and greens, I added more to my coffee table. These greens are from Hobby Lobby. Layers working on here is the faux fur rug topped with the basket, and then the stoneware. One of my new past-times is embroidering. This was my first embroidery design. It's actually from Hobby Lobby as well. I just added into a gilded frame.

Another favorite view in this room is below. Adding patterns to a space livens it up! Sometimes I want to add more color, but then I decide just to add pattern and it does the trick. I'll keep the color for my front room :) It's fun to see what being thrifty can bring you! All the furniture in this view is antique, vintage, or second hand. Yes, even those couches :) 

Once again, adding all the layers and coziness is essential to making a space feel comfortable. I made this blanket from block print fabric from Hobby Lobby. I tied it in using the same fabric on a pillow in that little reading corner shared above. 

Layers, greener, pattern and texture are all shown below. This blockprint wallpaper made all the difference in cozying up my dining room, and adds the perfect pattern to this view in my living room as well. On this old cabinet, is a new find as well -that cute little two way lamp. It's missing a top which I'm on the lookout for online. But for now, this glass cloche works perfect :) It offers the perfect glow at night! 

I hope this offered you some inspiration and ideas on decorating your space this spring! Just because it's warming up doesn't mean you have to forego the layers! Even during the warmer months, it's still important to keep the cozy, comfortable feeling inside your home. It makes it all the more inviting! 


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happy DIYing! Alicia