Cozy Christmas Cottage Bathroom Decor | Tour 2023

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There are a couple of tricks I have to get myself more into the Christmas spirit. I feel like it is so fleeting and I can barely hold onto it when it's here. The first thing is to literally decorate every room in my house with Christmas. I know that is a lot for some people, but it helps me. The other things are to be present with "creating the magic". Don't just help create it for your kids, be apart of it. That's a hard one for me. Don't just have them make the cookies or wrap the gifts or do the crafts. Do it with them. Another weird thing for me to get into the spirit...this is probably what most people try to going to the stores. I seriously love the chaos. It just feels right for the season. It tells me that Christmas is, in fact, here. 

So, since I cover every room in my house with Christmas, my bathroom does not escape it. It's not every place in my bathroom, but definitely this little corner with the floating shelves and my bathtub. 

These shelves are often forgotten until I take a bath, then I remember how much I love them. They stay the same throughout the year, but come Christmas they definitely get a little dust of flocking :)

This may seem like a lot, but really, I just added the flocked garland I bought from Hobby Lobby a couple of years ago. As of last year they had some as well, not sure about this year. But it is my favorite garland to use doing the holidays. 
I also hung this sign I bought from a vintage store a couple of years ago. I usually put it out on my porch, but decided to change things up a bit :) 

These shelves are a project from a few years ago and are seriously the best thing I did to this bathroom. You can see the full tutorial here.  This corbel is another DIY as well, and you can find the tutorial for it here. Those cute small apothecary drawers are also a DIY, the tutorial was featured in Country Sampler Farmhouse Style magazine a few years back. They are just dollar store drawers glued together and stained :)
This bathroom caddy ... is that what you would call it? haha .... really it's just a board. The easiest DIY in this bathroom. This is a 1x10 pine board, cut about 10" longer than the width of my tub, and then stained. As simple as that! It's the perfect place for soap, books and candles. Funny story about this book on here though. So, I have had this book as a photo prop for years now probably. I read in the bath yes, but not a book that can just stay opened like this and look pretty. So, the other day I started reading this book and realized it sounded like the movie Christmas With The Kranks. After some research, the movie was apparently adopted after this Skipping Christmas by Nicholas Sparks. Who know?! Well, I'm sure someone did, but I didn't! 

Oh yes! I can't forget about these amazing curtains. I am asked about them constantly! Here is the link for them.

Alright, I'm going to give you another list today. Ready? Here's what makes the best bath experience:
Super hot make it a hot tub. Crack the window open to let the cold air in. A good book. Candles. Music. Ice cream...yes! Seriously, try it. No interruptions. And a cute cat that loves to hang out with you :)

Hope you have a very Merry Christmas! 

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happy DIYing! Alicia