Favorite Find: Rechargeable Light Bulbs For Emergency Preparedness

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The past few years have taught me a few things, one of them is to be prepared. With that, I've been slowly adding items to my home to help. Obvious things like extra food, water, and batteries, but fun things like this light bulb have been included also. This light bulb works just like a normal light bulb. Comes on and off with the switch, but when plugged in, it is constantly charging just waiting for the chance to be used when the power goes out. 

All it takes for it to come on is to complete the circuit. So, as long as it stays plugged into the wall during a power outage, and you turn it on, it will come on. Likewise, when it is not in a socket. This amazing little guy can turn on just by touching it with your finger, hand, or wet clothe. It's like a portable flashlight ready to go whenever you need. 

The set comes with two rechargeable light bulbs along with two power hooks that you can use and make them more portable and have the ability to hang. The charge lasts for about 3-4 hours. Check out the video I made about it below. It's amazing that even secured into the lamp, I'm able to turn it on without it being plugged in! No remote needed :)

I was able to use these a few months ago when the power went out, and it was like it never really did! I had my lamps going with no problem. 

Let me know what your favorite emergency items are in the comments! Also, if you'd like for me to share more of mine! 

Here are some of my current go to things for emergencies: 

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happy DIYing! Alicia