How To Decorate For Fall With No Pumpkins

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Welcome! Today I'm joining the Fall Home Tours  hosted by Marty from A Stroll Thru Life where over 30 bloggers get together to share seasonal decor of their homes!  If you are stopping by on the blog tour hop from This Is Our Bliss, welcome! Isn't Rachael's home beautiful and full of inspiration?

Well, I did it. I managed to decorate most of my home for fall without using any pumpkins. Serious! Last year I went overboard with pumpkins (see here), and then I realized why is it that "pumpkins" signify fall decor? So, this year, I have yet to bring out a single pumpkin and managed to decorate all the main areas of my house for fall...and I love it! It's subtle and it's nice. Up until today, the weather around here has been in the 90s and 100s...and then it dropped and rained and now I'm drinking hot chocolate and have the heater on. ha! So, when I started decorating for fall, I was not feeling it all. But now, I'm "okay' with it. That just means I'm not happy about it, but it's here so I have to deal :) So...I'm dealing, and the way I'm dealing is decorating with no pumpkins. 

I'm sharing some tips on how to decorate for fall and still create a cozy space without using a single pumpkin. Are you ready?

1: Bring in warm tones and colors. With a neutral color palette, it's super easy to add in warmer colors with woods, beiges, browns and burnt orange. 

2: Bring in texture! Texture is always a great way to bring in warmth into the house for the cooler months. Besides the normal texture from my rug and wall, I added it in the form of the blankets, pillows and even the basket and fall foliage. My buffet table contains a ton of textures too with the linens, woods, and apothecary drawers.

3: Add flannels and plaids. Flannels and plaids are a total sign that the weather is about to turn or it has! Even for my wardrobe, I bring out all the flannels and plaids during the's not different for my house. I add the two throughout my home with throw blankets, pillows, scarves draped on tables, and table runners.

4: Add layers. I take away layers during the summer, and add them all back during the fall! Layers are all about the cozy factor!  I have multiple different layers on my buffet, along with on my table with the runner, blankets and pillows, and the basket of fall stems. 
5: Add fall foliage, real or fake! When you skip out on the pumpkins, you gotta signify fall in more ways, like using fall foliage. Using warmer tones for fall stems is a great way to do it. Also bringing in stems from outside, or dried sprigs and wheat.
In this basket, I layered the stems with loose book pages to bring in more interest and to hide the ugly bare stems on the bottom.

6: Bring in warmer lighting in the form of candles. I'm teaching an interior design class right now and today we focused on how important lighting is in a home, from natural lighting to electric to even fires! The warmth of candles is so cozy to me and I have them lit all the time around my house during the cooler months. Although, these aren't lit now, the candles on my buffet will be and will more than likely make their way to the table during evening time to create that cozy glow.

7: Add things that may remind you of fall. We go berry and apple picking at the end of summer and beginning of fall. This basket reminded me of an apple picking basket so I used it for my centerpiece. I went simple on my centerpiece since this basket is so large along with fall stems. I wanted them to take center stage!
Tucked behind those candles on my buffet is an apple picking basket lid! This is a perfect fall element along with the fact it brings in the warm tones and texture. 

And since this is tour of my dining room too, here are some more pictures of the space :) 

I added lots of layers my buffet, but kept it simple and didn't add any fall stems. I didn't want this space to compete with the large centerpiece. 
Here's the dining room from this other angle. Behind that wall, something special is happening this week to my kitchen! I can't wait to share when it's all done :) ... or you can get some sneak peaks on my social media. 

I love sharing wider angles because I like to look at wider shots of other people's spaces to get a better feel for the here's one of my whole dining room.
Also, here's a full view looking right into my dining room, and the fall centerpiece. I love how easy this space was to design this year for fall! It had so many easy fall decorating ideas...that included no pumpkins!  I'm excited to share the rest of my house with you in the coming weeks! 

Continue on with more fall inspiration Thursday by going to Our Southern Home. I always love the way Christy decorates for each season! And you can find all the tours that are going on this week below. 

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happy DIYing! Alicia