Cute and Cheap Farmhouse and Boho Style Pillow Covers on Amazon

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I'm sure like many of you, my shopping has been completely online lately. I've been in a search for some new pillow covers to update a couple of my spaces. So, over the past week, I've been adding all the ones I liked to my shopping cart. When I say I scoured Amazon in search of's no lie. I literally came to the end of it ha! Like, there was no "next" button after my 50th page or so of searching :) I decided that my endless (technically one that did end on that 50th or so page) search may be of value to you all! So, I'm sharing my 21 top faves. I have already purchased some of these, and are expecting another few in the mail in the next week or so. When I get them, I'll definitely update this list with my pictures and review. I tried my best to pick ones that have high reviews of 4 stars or more. I've noticed that these are going fast, I had about 5 on this list that I added over the past few days that are already unavailable. Looks like lots of people are trying to get their home decor fix on Amazon! I didn't add the prices because those change up or down pretty often, but most of these are under $20 for 2 covers...and even the majority of those are under $15. Hope this gives you some inspiration and ideas on updating your home during this time :)

Cotton/Linen Striped Frayed Covers, 2 pack

Tufted Abstract Design Cover

Triangle Tufted Cover

Boho Style Cover with Tassels, 2 pack

Stripe and Plaid Set of Covers, 4 pack

Ruffle Pillow Covers, 2 pack

Cream Plaid Pillow Covers, 2 pack

Textured Velvet Pillow Cover

Double Striped Covers, 2 pack

Linen Burlap Trimmed Covers, 2 pack

Lace Striped Linen Covers 2 pack

Tartan-type Plaid Cover, 2 pack

Thick Striped Cover

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happy DIYing! Alicia