Last Minute Halloween Decor (Tour 2019)

I'm not one to decorate for Halloween for too long. I put fall decorations up usually in September and then Christmas decor up at the beginning of November (I know, I early :) ). So, Halloween doesn't get much show time. I want to keep my fall stuff up as long as I can, and truthfully, I prefer fall over Halloween any day :) Most years, I decorate for Halloween the week before the 31st. This year....well, I just barely finished it up. A little late, but done. We went on vacation for about a week and a half and it totally threw everything off.

Since I put this decor up so quickly, luckily, it's just as quick to take it down. Having a neutral home is the best when it comes to fast switches like this. I added lots of black to capitalize on the Halloween feel....that and skulls. Lots and lots of skulls. Because I waited for so long to decorate, I was able to find most of my decor for 70% off (besides the stuff I already had). Totally worth waiting sometimes!

For my entryway, I hung some tattered fabric I found at Walmart a few years ago. I had some extra smalls skulls from Michaels that I hung on the barn doors also.

 I used what I had with my entryway. I took off the greenery and the nice blanket on the ladder, and placed a witch's hat, tattered fabric and a broom on it. I then added a few bats to the wall and changed out the real blanket for a black and white striped one.

 For my living room, my mantel got a small upgrade with black pumpkins and cut out bats. I got these bats from a store a couple of years ago, but they are super easy to make too.
 I also switched out my blankets and pillows. I just love these black striped ones for Halloween, along with the raven pillow.

 As for my tabletops and trays, I just added things to them. I placed a skull in this lantern on my coffee table.
 I switched out the pumpkin in this corner for a black owl. I updated the sign too and placed the raven on top.
 Other skulls and bones were placed around my living room tabletops.

 Now for my dining room. This room was so easy to do. When I tell you I got skulls from the store, I'm not kidding. I seriously picked up like 10 skulls from Michaels yesterday. The big one in the middle was the most expensive at a whopping $2.40.

 I bought these plates during the summer and never ended up using them. I realized how perfect they were for Halloween, so I brought them out. I kept the place setting simple and just plopped a pumpkin on it.

There used to be a time ....before I had kids....that I did not decorate for Halloween at all. They keep urging me to decorate more and more and scarier and scarier. I'm not sure how I feel about that. I like to keep it simple. What about you? Do you go all out for Halloween? Or are you kind of in between like me?

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happy DIYing! Alicia