Model Home Monday

Welcome to another model home tour! We toured this house at sunset, so I'm sorry for the pictures in advance :) They turned out pretty good despite that. This house had a deck on every level (3 of them) and looked out over a huge field and sat up on a mountain. So, I wish I had the foresight to take a picture of the view, but I didn't :) Just trust me on how amazing it was to watch the sun set.

This home is a dream home. Complete with two flex rooms on the first floor and 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. The space was just amazing. Enjoy!

Front room:
 Living Room:

 View of flow from stairs. I love how this is open concept, but still manages to keep the spaces separate.
 Dining room:
 I love the black counters with the dark wood. I know I would never say that really,  but it gives me an idea of what my kitchen would look like if I were to stain the cabinets darker. I actually don't mind it! I think it helps that the island is kept white though.
 View from back of kitchen:
 Beautiful staircase:
 Master bedroom:
 I think it's the gold bed, but I feel like I was in Vegas when in this room lol
 Master bathroom:
 Bedroom 1:
 Bedroom 2:
 Bedroom 3:
 Guest bath:
 And no, this is not a mudroom. This is actually the opposite wall in the guest bathroom :)
 Laundry room:
I'm telling you, this house is huge. Over 4,000 square feet. The only problem? It sits on a plot of land only like 10 feet bigger than the footprint of the house. Bummer! But, there's always to option to build it somewhere else!

Builder: Edge Homes

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  1. It's beautiful! The wrinkled area rugs drive me crazy... (ha ha) but the home is just lovely.


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