How to host...and survive...your holiday parties.

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A great eBay guide on how to host...and survive... your next holiday party!

I've made the mistake of deciding to host our upcoming family Thanksgiving this year :) I thought it would be fun, but once I offered I realized what it entailed. I love my family. I love having them over and spending time with them. But as with most families (I'm assuming and hopefully), it's quite taxing. Not really as taxing on me as on my husband. Then I just get to hear all about it later. Hosting his family is just the same on me. I enjoy it, but yeah...I totally get where he's coming from. So, I decided I needed to write a guide on how I survive our holiday parties. There's some things in here that are a little obvious, and some things I do especially for our family...and for my husband's sanity. Hope you enjoy it, and maybe it'll give you a little idea on how my family parties operate :) Click here to read the full guide!

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happy DIYing! Alicia