Incorporating Children's Art Into Home Decor

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My sweet little babe loves to paint and draw, therefor I have a ton of her artwork lying around. I like to try to incorporate her art in our decor and of course, I often commission her for some cute abstract paintings :)
how to incorporate children's art into home decor
The best way to I have found to incorporate her work into our decor is to limit her color uses to certain colors. I, of course, don't always do this, only when I have a spot I know I want her art and still want it to fit within a color scheme. For instance, if I have her paint something for my mom, I'll often give her turquoises, yellows and neutrals. If it's for her room, I'll do pinks. I've wanted some art above our t.v. for quite some time now, and finally got around to having her make me some.
how to incorporate children's art into home decor
I just gave her some gold metallic paint and had her go to town with different size and shape brushes. I also had some stencils but I couldn't turn down any of her abstract pieces :) They are just painted on printer paper and placed into $7 frames from Ikea.
how to incorporate children's art into home decor
My husband had no idea that she had painted them and they were hanging up for over a week before he said something about them. He thought they were snippets of a world map :) Compliments to my two year old! I love how the colors work with this room.
how to incorporate children's art into home decor
And yes, I do have a box full of papers that has every color in the rainbow :) I have plans to turn those into cute pieces in a gallery wall in the hall by her bedroom.

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How to incorporate children's art into cute home decor pieces!

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  1. I love this idea, Alicia! I have done the same with my children over the years - it's a great way to incorporate their art and still keep my color scheme. Of course we have other areas in the house where we use their multi-colored creations, too!


happy DIYing! Alicia