My Christmas Home Tour

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Happy December! I can't believe I'm even saying that. I feel like it went straight from July to December this year. It's crazy how the older you get, the quicker time flies. My mom thinks that time is actually getting shorter....I'm not sure about that :) Anyway. Since it's December, that means it's time for my holiday home tour! If you check out the bottom of the post, I also have links to more home tours from other awesome bloggers. There's 35 of us this year...that's a lot of inspiration!

Up first is our entry way. I absolutely love our staircase and how the living room peaks through the arch. I made it pretty simple this year by just stringing garland and putting wreaths where they mean the banister. Nothing too crazy.
 And here's the living room. I went back and forth a ton on the decor for the tree. It's actually silver and white, but all you see is white :) I strung some beaded garland for the first time ever. I'm still not sure about it, but it's kind of stuck there now lol.
 I also decided to do something a little different and add a "Merry Christmas" in wood letters. I was hoping to get larger letters, but you have no idea how hard it is to find all the letters you need to spell Merry Christmas.
As for the mantel, I feel like this is the most simple Christmas mantel I have ever done. These are the lanterns that I found at Home Depot for like $10 each at their end of Summer clearance. I did have the wreath just hanging by itself, but it looked too small, so I added a frame behind it which tied the whole thing together perfectly.
 As for the dining room. Truth be told, it has sat untouched since last Christmas...well, since after Christmas (I didn't have the Christmas decor still up :) ). I just haven't decorated it for months and months, so I wasn't feeling much inspiration to do anything more to it. But, I figured it would be nice eating on a cute festive table and not one that just had randomness on it. This is probably the cleanest my dining room has been since last Christmas also :/
 I have had these hanging pine cones for years now. I usually put them on on the stairs, but decided to hang them from the light to add a little 'height'. I'm definitely not used to having such a low tablescape, so the pine cones were perfect to shorten the empty space. I was sure that the hubs would say something negative about them, but he surprised me and actually liked them hanging from the light. Figures :)
 I had a ton of mason jars left over from the babes 1st birthday party earlier this year, so I put them to good use and lined them all up between some garland.
 I placed salt in them and then tea lights. They'll look gorgeous all lit up at night :) The 'runner' they are on is just made from cedar planks painted white. It gives it a nice rustic look.
Now for my front room. I had so much fun decorating this room this year. I was going for a ski chalet type look. All nice and white and cozy with lots of plush textures. I made sure to use my faux sheep skins where ever I could. These things are only $10 at Ikea :) I also brought in other textures through the pillows.
 This is my little "Charlie Brown tree". It's the perfect size to add a great outdoorsy Christmas type atmosphere to the room. And I'm loving this pillow :) It makes me happy how furry it is lol.
 I decided to go one step further this year than any other year and actually 'decorate' our guest bath. I never do this. But, I thought the newness of it deserved something special. Nothing big, just a wreath and some flowers.
And there you go! I'll be sure to share some of the projects later on with you, like that "Noel" sign in the front room.

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  1. Gorgeous. Everything looks so beautiful and I adore your Charlie Brown tree.

  2. Gorgeous! I love the letters in your tree and your dining room table looks stunning!

  3. So pretty! the front room is definitely my favorite!

  4. It is so much fun peeking into everyone's home to spy on their Christmas decor! I love your tree and dining room table. I have the hardest time with tablescapes!

    I would love for you to share this post {and others} at my Show Me Saturday linky party this weekend. My readers would love your decor!
    ~ Ashley

  5. Nice job Alicia! The only thing if it were my house that I would change out for the season would be the yellow pillows at the dining room table. My eyes went right to that color....I would replace with either Christmas pillows, or I would drape another IKEA white fur rug over the bench, bringing that cozy feeling from the living room into the dining room. Success in livingroom for that Lodge-y feel!

  6. I love it, Alicia! The beaded garland is perfect and I love your simplistic mantle! The front room is absolutely perfect! Your home is beautiful, yet perfectly cozy!

  7. What a beautiful tour, Alicia! I love your dining room...well actually I love everything in your tour! Great job!

  8. Your home looks beautiful! The letters on the tree are my favorite touch! Happy holidays!
    Corey @

  9. Everything looks flawless! Like it is out the magazine! Love the white accents♥ And yes, talk your hubby into the white mantel;-Thanks for sharing your gorgeous home with us!


happy DIYing! Alicia