Friday, September 12, 2014

Living Room Updates

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 I can't believe it's already pumpkin spice weather! I love Fall :) I think Fall is the most anticipated season of the year...unless you're a kid, then I'm sure it's Summer. But as adults, I don't know anyone who doesn't like seeing Summer leave and bringing in those nice crisp mornings of Fall. With all this Fall talk, you would think this post was Fall-esque. Well, it's not :) I'm just smelling my pumpkin candle and the thought inevitable has gone into my writing lol.

I'm about to start decorating for Fall, but every time I think about it, I think that the pumpkins will be around until the end of November. That's like two and half months of pumpkins. I really really do love fall and pumpkins, but I'm not sure about seeing it in my decor for so long. lol. So, as I was sprucing up my living room, I started realizing how much change has taken place in it since I last shared with you guys :)

I definitely change up my living room more than I blog about it. I just don't see the sense in sharing a new living post every week because I added a pillow :) But! This time around, I added more than that...color and pattern and wood! My living room feels more complete now than ever. Don't get me wrong, I super love my living room all white and neutral, but it was about time to change it up. Plus, I really get tired of my husband giving me crap about having everything white. Although, most things are still white and neutral, I think the added wood tones and color sure amped things up a bit :)
Living room design and decorating ideas
 I didn't change too much in my furniture layout, just switched around the two chairs and added a cute little side table to a super empty wall. I did have some frames hanging from that wall when the white chair was by it, but once I moved the white chair and put the brown chair in it's place, the other two corner walls felt really empty. I'm not sure why since this chair is much more substantial, but it felt like it needed some art above it...and well, the frames and the art clashed so bye-bye frames. Hello empty wall!  I moved this end table from my front room and realized how much I loved it now I'm off on a quest to find another table for my front room. :)
Living room design and decorating ideas
 Now for the pillows! I wanted to go with a mint and coral type color theme, but couldn't find any fabric I liked for either. So, it ended up being turquoise and salmon. But, just having two colors felt blah, so I added some gold with the houndstooth pillow (which I will share with you how I made and designed it next week!). I also traded out all my pillows for down-filled pillows. I can't tell you what a difference it makes with presentation...and of course, comfyness for your head :)
mixing pattern and color with pillows
And these lamps. Aren't they fab?? I've been eying them for awhile now at Target and was just waiting for them to go on sale so I could justify buying two :) They are super large and quite substantial and oh so perfect for this table. And the wood is beautiful...perfectly distressed. I love how this wood ties in with the wood from the side table and kitchen table.
Living room design and decorating ideas
Another big purchase? A new rug! Yep. I couldn't handle the other one anymore. I loved the trellis pattern, but it was too bold...and a little too trendy for me. So, I went with something a little more neutral and easier to match patterns with. I didn't realize at the time of buying it, but this rug really brightens up the living room. I love it! It's a little bit pricier than I would prefer, but the hubs okayed it. could I not get it? lol.  This rug is an 8x10, which means most of it is hidden under the sectional. We tried going back to a 5x7 but it just felt way to small and made the room feel that much smaller. So, even though it was $100 more, figured it would be better to be happy with a purchase than just okay with it :)
Living room design and decorating ideas
 See how perfect the pattern is from far away? It's the perfect large scale pattern..and the perfect colors! I kept wanting to buy a colored rug, but really hated the idea of being limited to what colors I could use in my other decor. So, this works perfect :)

I always get questions about my rugs, so here's the answer before I get the questions lol. I got the rug from Home Depot. It's by Mohawk and called Simpatico in biscuit/starch. It was just under $200 with tax. They do have the 5x7 for $87.
Living room design and decorating ideas
I still can't believe how far my living room has come in the past 5 years.  This was pretty much just our apartment furniture here. I think the only thing I still use in this picture is the couch which is now in my front room. I love blogging just for the fact that I can back to old pictures like this and reminisce :)
Tuscan living room before picture
 Hopefully in the next few weeks I'll have some fun fall decor going on in my house. We'll see :) Until then, I'll just enjoy the pumpkin candles lol.

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