Model Home Monday (UV Parade of Homes #18)

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I'm super excited to show you today's home. This is one of my favorites from the UV Parade of Homes. It's not the biggest and it's not a million dollar home, but I think this house has the most character and the best interior design. It's just beautiful. As you go through the photos, be sure to look at all the details. Plus! You'll see a great way on how to use the Pantone color of the year, Radiant Orchid.

The wonderful thing about the Parade of Homes are all the signs and people you get in your pictures :) Check out the door! What a bold pop of color.
Here's the office. I am so in love with this wall. They grabbed this barn wood from a local farm. And the artwork is a map cut up and mounted together in pieces. Oh, and look at the the shade!
 Here's the living room. The mantel was also a beam taken from an old barn local to the area. I would say that this room needs some curtains, but really, you should see the view, it's amazing. Curtains would only distract from it.
 The main use of Radiant Orchid was here in the dining room and in the kitchen. And if you really like this house, you can tweet about it ;) (gotta love those signs!)
 Here's the best view of this kitchen I could get without a mass load of people in it. It's small but super functional. And if you thought white appliances were out dated, check out the fridge and stove. White with stainless steal...just beautiful.
 Here's the hall bathroom. The wall is just cut up and stained 4x4s. What a great accent wall!
 The master bedroom boasts a beautiful brick wall. Somehow it brings softness to this room even though it's brick. How welcoming is this? This is such a great way to use this as an accent wall also without looking outdated.
 And the master bathroom vanity. Those mirrors are so perfect against the brick!
 Here's the loft. These numbers go completely across to the right in front of the stair landing. It's such a statement piece especially since you can see it from below.
 The little boy's room. Check out the bench! And the closet doors (not shown) were painted to look like lockers. It was such a great idea for a little boys room.
 The babe super loved this room (yes I brought her to a few houses...somewhat of a mistake, but had to if I wanted to see more!) Here's the Radiant Orchid on the accent wall. This is a great use of space also for such a small room.
 A cute little nursery. I really need to find myself one of those cribs! I see them in all the homes and it's driving me nuts I love them so much!
 Here's the upstairs bathroom. The inset tile in the shower brings a great vintage touch along with the tile below the mirror. And I love that the tub doesn't extend to the other wall, there's a little built in bench there with storage.
 The laundry room. Need I say more? :) ....maybe I should...this would be a for sure why to get your husband to never do laundry lol
 The mud room. I would die to have something like this in my house.
So, what did you think? The details are just amazing. I talked to the builder and you could tell he put his heart and soul into this house, it was great to hear from someone who loved his work so much. And yes, it was the builder that decided on all the wood accents, walls, beams, planking...everything. Not the interior designer. That's the kind of builder I would love to work with :)

Here's the house info:
Square footage: 2,434
Interior Design: Osmond Designs
Builder: Copper Woods Development and Huntington Homes Utah


happy DIYing! Alicia