DIY Floor to Ceiling Wood Headboard Tutorial

DIY floor to ceiling wood headboard tutorial

Can I just tell you how much I love my new guest room? I love it more than words :) I think it is the color...the mint, the yellow, the brown..even the purple flowers. I like it so much I'm actually thinking of adding more color into other rooms in my house....adios all white decor!

Anyway. On the journey to redoing my guest room, I had this grande idea for a crazy grande headboard. Like crazy idea..serious. One that would extend from the floor to the ceiling and then cover the whole ceiling. It looked wonderful in my head :) But, alas, I decided to tone it down and just do it to the floor the ceiling. I didn't realize how low the ceilings were in here and thought that would just make it way too claustrophobic.

So, here's how to do the floor to ceiling headboard! It's super easy.
Here's the supplies I used:
Random width and types of boards ( I did this to add more interest) cut to 60 inch (for a full size bed)
Stain (I used two types, Dark Walnut and Providential)
Two 1x2 or 1x3 boards that will go the height of your wall.
Nail Gun (or just nails and a hammer if you are feeling adventurous)

First off, get your boards and make sure they are all cut to the same length.

Next, stain. I used two types of stain in hopes to give variation and interest to the completed headboard. The boards I used were pine and cedar. I noticed the cedar really absorbs the stain and will become much darker than the pine, so plan accordingly :) Wait for the stain to dry and if you would like, coat it with some poly. I didn't do this on mine, and haven't had any problems yet.

Now for the wall.....Find where you want your headboard. I placed mine in the middle of the wall. Since the boards were 60", I marked 5 inches in from that on both sides. This is where the support boards are going to go. As always, it is better to make sure these are in studs, so if you have to adjust your measurement a little bit, so be it; you won't be able to see it anyway. Make sure they are somewhat level and screw in some 2" screws.  I had this little attic access deal to work around. Luckily, the molding was the same width as the 1x3, so I just used it to extend the 1x3 essentially. I used a 1x2 on one side and the 1x3 on the other. Doesn't matter, just used what I had on hand :)

Now, you can secure the boards straight to the wall if you like, but I like the idea of if I ever wanted to take these off, I wouldn't have a gazillion holes in my wall, just the holes from the screws from the support boards.
DIY floor to ceiling wood headboard tutorial
 To put up the boards, you want to make sure that they are level. So, to avoid complete disaster, make sure your first boards is completely level. Don't just butt it up against the ceiling and call it good, most ceilings sag or aren't level all the time, so grab your level and do your due diligence :)

Once I got the first board up where I wanted it, securing it into the studs with a nail gun, I grabbed some painters tape and dropped it down the wall, making sure it was level of course. This line gave me somewhat of a guide as to where the end of the board needed to be. I know you can follow the board above, but I just wanted to make sure :)
DIY floor to ceiling wood headboard tutorial
 Now, go through and nail up all the boards making sure to interchange between types and size. I don't think I said this before, make sure you nail it into the supports, not the blank space between the wall ;)
DIY floor to ceiling wood headboard tutorial
And it's done!
I love this look. It really makes the ceiling seem taller and of course, the bedroom bigger. It did take a little bit to get the stain smell out of the keep that in mind when doing this ;) 

I think the headboard brought so much to this room. It's the complete focal point.
DIY floor to ceiling wood headboard tutorial
 For this room...I've gotten a few questions about where things are from, so here we go. Target. I'm a Target addict. Completely and utterly. I think the only thing that didn't come from Target was that mirror, even the vase is a Target find. The yellow comforter and shams, the side table, the light, the curtains, the accent pillow, the vase. Yep. Target. Obsessed? Maybe :)
DIY floor to ceiling wood headboard tutorial
Now, I have this idea to do something similar in my master. We'll see what comes of it :)

For the cost. I had most of the supplies and wood on hand, so I can only speculate. This will probably come up around $50...give or take. It depends on the width of the boards you use and the type.


  1. Hi, Alicia! You should be proud of that lovely room; the colors work so well together! Thank you for the recent giveaway of the gift card for the Sherwin Williams paint. My living room will be getting a total spruce-up; but now to choose a color...I may need help! Gratefully, Lillace

  2. I love it and I am thrilled to see more color too. It is so happy.

  3. I think that is a great idea to put the board inside. I might try it by adding one to the outside and one to the inside and screwing them together. Your room turned out so pretty and this rolling basket just tops it off so well.
    Classy Design of Unique Beds

  4. It's so beautiful. I love everything about the room, but that headboard is stunning.


happy DIYing! Alicia