Wednesday, March 26, 2014

DIY Laundry Room Organization

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My laundry room is super duper small. Like just a pass through from the garage into the house. I can't complain, at least I have a dedicated room for my laundry...just wish it was a tad bit bigger :) Since there is no room in there, the laundry piles (yes piles as in plural) in our bedroom are huge. There's no place to put the dirty dish towels or bath towels or gross clothes that we would rather not have mixed in with the other dirty clothes. So, they end up on the laundry room floor...completely in the way. We can't even open the door all the way eighty percent of the time. It drives my husband nuts. Plus, I have a no shoe policy in our house so the shoes always end up on the floor. And then since the laundry gets in the way on the floor, sometimes it ends up on the washer and dryer, and then I don't have a place to put my purse. So...yep. That ends up on the floor too. The square footage in there is super small, like 3'x5'...maybe. Not a lot or room for all that is going on in there. Bare with me on these pictures, there's bad lighting and no way to take a decent picture because of the size :) Here's the nice unused empty wall before:
Laundry room organization
Now imagine the floor with super crazy clutter full of shoes and dirty towels
Anyway, because of this, I desperately needed some off the floor organization. I've been looking for hanging laundry bags for awhile now and found two different kinds that would have worked perfect on Amazon. This one was my first choice, but then I decided that I wanted a wider opening just in case I want to throw some shoes in there.
 So I ended up getting these white ones for about $12. They are super nice, they have a zipper in the back so it's easy to just dump the laundry right into in the washer.
But, of course, I didn't just want to hang these and be done. I wanted it to be cute also. Plus, this room is super dark, so I decided to brighten it up a little bit with some paint. I chose Crisp Linen White from Glidden.

First was to mark where I wanted to hang the laundry bags. I decided to paint just below this. So I took my laser level, stuck it in the wall to mark where I wanted the paint line to go.Then I placed the painters tape right below the line.
using a lazer level for paint
Also taped all around the wall, then started painting.
Laundry room organization
I finished this off by securing a stained cedar plank to the wall, into the studs.
Laundry room organization
To hang the laundry bags,  I bought some cute knobs from Hobby Lobby and screwed them into the board.
Laundry room organization
It is soooo nice to be able to open these doors all the way now :) So nice. And not having to worry about tripping over stuff is a plus too lol.
Laundry room organization
And since I have no place for my ironing board, I hung it behind this door also on the knobs. It was there previously already, but as you can see in the above before picture, it was hanging on by one hook since the other fell off and it had been like for years. So, this is a little upgrade.
Laundry room organization
The other side of the room had also been completely neglected. It used to be super cute, but that didn't last long what with all the clutter n all . So, I added some more boxes in there to get the clutter a little bit under control.
Laundry room organization
Yes, these two sides do match colorwise but that will be something to do down the road :) Easy as switching some pictures out. Right now, I'm just happy that this laundry room is clean lol. It's a first in quite as in 6 least. Let's just say, I desperately need a mudroom and larger laundry room...then I'll be set :) But for now, I know the hubs appreciates the clean floor.