10 Tips For Decorating A Living Space

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10 Tips for decorating a living room or bedroom...or any space at all!
1. Color matching. I like to use the same muted tones in different colors or use the same color just in different variations of shades or tints. I try not to use more than 3 accent colors in any room. Keeping your substantial pieces of furniture a neutral color will let you play around more with accent colors. 

2. Unmatch Matching Sets. Having matching sets in a living room or bedroom may make it feel like you’re in a furniture store. Buy furniture from different places, this will give your space a more unique and eclectic look. If you have matching sets, break them apart, maybe use your chest of drawers as a sideboard in the dining room, or move a nightstand into another room.

3. Pricey Fabric. Falling for pricey fabric may just get you off budget, instead of buying yards of it, buy a small amount and use it for accessorizing. Cover a pillow with it or even a lampshade.

4. Lower the Art. Bring wall art down to where it is in line with your eyes. Art is meant to be enjoyed, you shouldn’t have to crank your neck to look at it. Although I have a problem with this since most art in my house seems quite high but it is actually in line with my eyes...I'm just too tall I guess :)

5. Windows. Window treatments can either make or break a room. Think of the windows as the eyes for your room. Don’t your eyes always look a little bit better with some mascara or eyeshadow? Think of the window treatments as the makeup for your window. This will set the stage for the rest of your room.

6. Decorate in odds. Having three pieces in an arrangement is more pleasing to the eye than only having two. The same is true for other odd numbers. When decorating, group items in threes. Or when hanging art, think of using three pieces, but remember, they don't all have to be identical. A mirror and two flanking pictures works just as well together.

7. Repurposing. Have something you want to throw out? Repurpose it into another spot in your house. An old dresser can become a sofa table or a sideboard. Sheets can become window treatments when cut down the middle and sewn. Plant stands are great fit ins for side tables. An old door can became a new headboard. The possibilities are endless.

8. Storage. Decorative storage is a must for all rooms. Use storage baskets or bins for all things small and large. Put under the coffee table as a catch all for magazines and remotes, in the entertainment center to hide DVDs and games, in the entry way to hide shoes, or to organize a pantry or a closet.

9. Molding. Crown molding, decorative molding and high baseboards add dimension to a room and add architectural interest.

10. Bring in Texture and Pattern. The more texture you have in a room, the more authentic and interesting it is. The same goes with pattern. But more is not necessarily better. Strategically use texture and pattern to bring warm and interest to your room. Use it in rugs, accent pillows, throws, curtains, and accessories.


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