5 Places To Shop for Thrifty Decor

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5 places to shop for thrifty decor ..gives details on how to shop too!
I never pay retail for anything...well maybe except for food. But for home decor and clothing...and shoes, I never pay retail. Back in the day before I knew any better, I was a spending addict, mostly on clothing and shoes. I would pay top dollar for stuff because I wanted it then and there. Luckily, I got a great job working retail at Dillards my first years of college. It was then I realized the crazy mark up on everything. Like thousands and thousands of percent markups. I also realized if you just wait you can get amazing deals on things. Instead of paying $400 for a coat, I would wait until it was marked down to 75%, and then wait until they had an extra percent off clearance sale, and then of course, I got my employee discount. I got that coat for like $40. Still more than I would pay for a coat nowadays. But none the less, I learned that you can get a deal, you don't have to spend a ton of money to get the right stuff. You just have to know when to shop, where to shop, and how to shop.

Here's a list of my favorite stores I shop for all things home decor (that is if I can't make it on my own):

Target: I could never tell you truly how much I love Target. Well I could, but then you would think I'm a loon :) Target is my go to place to shop. First off, their sales change every week on Sundays. So if you can wait a week or two, more than likely the piece of home decor you want will be on sale. To save even more, you can print out some coupons from their site. You can usually get a deal like save $5 on a $20 home decor purchase. You can also download Cartwheel, and save even more. Right now they have a deal that is 15% off rugs. You can find a ton more deals on there too. And if you download their mobile app, you can get their mobile coupons. Coupling all these together will save you a ton of money. And the icing on the cake? Get their debit card, and get 5% off your entire purchase and free shipping on online orders. And one more thing :) If you have their pharmacy rewards, with every 5 prescriptions filled, you get a 5% off an entire day discount both in store and online. So, lets put this in other terms. You can have $100 rug, and with all their discounts and in store sales, you can get that rug for $65..maybe even less. So, right now you just saved about $35 on your rug :) (estimated of course) And if you shop there often enough, you maybe lucky to get a print out coupon for $10 off $100 or $5 off $50.

Plus they have really cute rugs, pillows, curtains and accessories. They keep on trend with what you see in the blog world. If you see a common theme on Pinterest, bets are that you will see something similar for sale in Target the next month or two.

Home Goods: Home Goods offers mass discounts off of really cute home decor. You can easily get lost in their mounds and mounds of merchandise. They have cute occasional chairs for decent prices, huge rugs, designer towels and accessories. This is my go to shop for organization stuff. They have super cute canvas storage totes right now for like $8-$14 depending on the size. In case you don't have a Home Goods near by but have a TJ Maxx, TJ Maxx has a small selection of what Home Goods usually carries.

Ikea: This is the only place that I don't get a discount :( But, their deals are so good I like to think that I'm getting a discount. You can get a rug for $20 and long, long curtains for $20 (for both panels!). Their frame selection is awesome and accessory and storage items are decent deals too. This is where I like to get my chairs, rugs and accent tables....oh and frames :) ..and candles...I guess the question is, what don't I get there?? :)

Hobby Lobby: This is my go to source for fabric, knobs, and glass wear. Their holiday decor is really cute too, and usually on sale up to 60% before the given holiday. If you check out their 80% aisles, you can get some really good deals and cute decor, especially if you are okay with spray painting some stuff to get it to look how you want. They also have all their furniture permanently on sale for 30% off. And don't forget, their 40% off coupon available on your smart phone :)

TaiPan: If you have a few hours to waste, this is the perfect place to go. They are wholesale decor to the public. Their prices use to be better than they are now, but they are still priced well. This is a great place for holiday decor...any holiday...and cute accessories and wall decor. If you wait until the spring for their outdoor sale, you'll get some killer deals.

I have a ton more places I like to shop but here's just the beginning and the main stores :) I hope this helps in any decorating adventure you're on!


  1. I need some items for home but this month I am so bust that I can’t even go to the market. Thanks to your post, I got the solution for my problem.

  2. I'm a Target addict also. I'm in there usually 3 times (or more) a week. Especially if they have something on clearance I want. My children and grandbabies live out of state so it's nice having the free shipping. And now that they do store pickup when you order online...within minutes...they are my Huckleberry now!

  3. Love your tips! I have the Target pillow in the photo! My go to places are Target, Hobby Lobby, and Thrift Stores. Got to love those coupons.

  4. Great tips I love all these places too!

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  6. Last week, I saved over $45 at Target by using Target coupons, Cartwheel, and my Redcard. Needless to say, I was a happy camper. I just wish I had a Hobby Lobby near me - I hear so many good things about them.

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  8. I would also recommend the thrift stores - Salvation Army, Goodwill, Value Village etc. (especially if you don't mind repainting) for hard goods (glassware, picture frames, knicknacks, wooden nonupholstered furniture). If you are selective, you can also find good items at dollarstores (especially vases and candlesticks to make your own hurricane vases). In Canada, we also have a chain called Bouclair from Quebec, www.bouclair.com that I prefer to Home Sense (Canadian name for Home Goods) as the price and quality are better. (I have no affiliation with them, I just shop there.)

  9. JoAnn's Crafts and Fabrics for outdoor and holiday decor items. They usually go on sale almost as soon as they put them out, and the sales are serious: 30% to 60% off. Download the app for weekly 40% off coupons, and sign up for their flyers for even better coupon deals.


happy DIYing! Alicia