Free Printable Kitchen Labels

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Hey all! It's been one of those weeks around here where it's hard to find any motivation to do anything or finish any projects. I have no excuse...just laziness I suppose :) I guess that's as good of an excuse as any though lol.

The little babe is getting bigger and bigger everyday...and closer and closer to crawling and is already on solid foods. So because of this, I had to take a deep hard look at my kitchen and the deep dark depths of it's cabinets. It's scary in there! I can't believe how messy some of those cabinets get. We practically have no room for our own food let alone adding anything else for the babe (dang no pantries!)...and well, the cabinets within her reach are practically all junk drawers. So, long story short, I need to declutter and organize my cabinets....quick :)

free kitchen label printable
To get on the ball with this, I figure it's always more fun to organize your cabinets when you can make them pretty in the process, am I right? It's a lot more motivational. So, to help with the process I created some beautiful (or so I think) kitchen labels....and I'm offering them to you all for free!

I have 14 labels so far, which include:
Beans, Candy (of course :) ),  Flour, Brown Flour, Cereal, Rice, Brown Rice, Sugar, Brown Sugar, Powder Sugar, Grains, Oatmeal, Salt and Pasta.
Kitchen Label Printables

If you guys are super nice and really want a specific label, just let me know and I may add it for you :) This is just the main stuff I have that I want out of boxes.

To create the labels, all you need to do is download the pdf here, or use the link on the bottom of the post and print it on label paper. You can get a whole 8.5x11" sheet of label paper without any cuts...the whole thing is just a sheet of pure stickiness... pretty much anywhere. Once it's printed, just cut them out and apply to your jars!
Kitchen Label Printables

The jars I used for this are from Hobby Lobby. They have a great 'seam' or line down the middle which works perfect to line up the label and not worrying about it being crooked....for the most part :)

And if you are afraid of forgetting how to make oatmeal....or any other thing you are taking out of the I am, just simply use a discarded piece of the label paper, write down the recipe or steps, and place it under the lid. Simple :) And yes...I do need to remember how to make oatmeal lol.
free kitchen labels
 Hope you enjoy!
free printable kitchen labels


  1. These are SO pretty and functional Alicia! Saving for my pantry clean out day, thank you !

    xo, Tanya

  2. I love these! My pantry looks like a tornado hit it. I think the only way to get it organized is to bribe myself with some pretty labels. Thanks for these, they're super cute! Pinned it. :)

  3. I love all your ideas! to keep pantry.To keep pantry items organized labeling is fantastic idea.Its looks so great and everything looks so organized.

  4. I featured you today Alicia! Thanks for sharing at Project Inspired - I just adore these labels!! Pinned for some extra luv!!

  5. Hello, these are beautiful! is it possible to get it?? thanks!

  6. I love these! Thanks so much. These look so much better than my hand written on plain white rectangle labels. Lol

  7. Alicia, thank you so much I am so excited. Cleaned out my pantry over the weekend, this has been a project I have wanted to complete for years!!

  8. These labels are great Alicia. Can you share the font you used, so we can make additional labels without bothering you?

  9. As I'm getting ready for refreshing my pantry, i was looking for some ready to print stickers. I found yours. I like them a lot - very elegant. Thank you Alicia.

  10. A really great idea to sort out my Kitchen i will bookmark your post now! Thanks for sharing!


happy DIYing! Alicia