Restoring Family Heirlooms with True Value and a Giveaway!

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I love how wonderful it is that anyone can restore an old family heirloom through a DIY project and bring it back to life. I currently have a wonderful little vanity given to me from my grandmother that I can't wait to restore :) It's just sitting in the basement collecting dust, but one of these days I swear I will get to it! Another heirloom given to me was a cute little rocking chair. I have no idea how old it is. The seat was completely worn and tattered just calling for a new updated that will bring it's life back. One that will make it a loved piece again, rather than a piece of furniture sitting in the garage or basement.

The wood was in decent condition (besides some water spots) and I couldn't bring myself to paint it anyway. So, the easiest update was of course to change out the seat.

First thing was to clean the poor thing though. It was sooo filthy....years and years of dust. Just cleaning it alone brought a whole new life back to it and got rid of most of what I thought was water damage.

Next was securing some fabric onto the seat. The seat cushion was a little worn, but salvageable. I'm sure within the next few months I'll be putting some foam in there. I love nothing more than brown with white. It's so simple and pretty :)

This will eventually move into my daughter's room when she's old enough. I love passing on things to her and hoping that she will eventually be passing it onto her little ones :) I just hope she has a lot of room in her house when she is old enough, because I have many...many family heirloom pieces to pass along.
restoring family heirlooms
Another piece of furniture that has been passed down from my grandmother is this cute little dresser. It's not super old, mid-century I'd say. But it has gone through three generations, first to my mom, then to me and now it's in my little babe's room, so count that four generations :) This was my dresser growing up, it's made of good sturdy wood...and well, by the time I got through with had its bumps and bruises...and writing all over it ;) When I got it back from my mom when we moved into our house, I knew I had to update it and clean it up. It went from horrible non-treated water stained wood...etc, a beautiful crisp white. It was missing a few handles, so I bought some cute rosette ones for the missing pieces. I'm currently using it as a changing table in the nursery....which by the way has yet to be used :) I know I know...I should get on that lol.This will hopefully be the dresser that the little one grows up with, just like I did, and my mom did before me.
Restoring family heirlooms

True Value has a wonderful video that truly illustrates the value of keeping heirlooms in the family. You can watch it below, or click here.

True Value has been so kind to offer one of you guys a $50 gift card to their store! To enter to win:
  1. Watch the video above and leave a comment below about your own family heirlooms.
  2. Like Thrifty and Chic on Facebook, leave a comment below stating that you did.
 It's that easy :) There are up to two entries per person! The giveaway ends next Thursday July 25th at Midnight MST.

I'm excited to hear about your family heirlooms, hopefully in future posts you will get to see more of mine :)

Disclosure: I have been compensated in kind from True Value for running this giveaway.
happy DIYing! Alicia