Recycled Toilet Paper Rolls into 3D Wall Paper

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I finally finished up one of my projects that I had in the works. I truthfully had no idea it was going to take as long as it did. I thought it would be a quick hour or so....nope. It took about 30 minutes to an hour a day for four days to do it. Figures. I hate when projects do that lol.
Toilet Paper Roll Art

I had this idea about having one of the walls in our guest bathroom be like a 3D wallpaper. The idea in my head was wonderful :) But, when it came down to time and patience, I opted for a less complicated version of the idea lol ..and all it took was a couple of rolls of toilet paper...well, and some rolls of paper towels and wrapping paper.

To do this, I used approximately 3 wrapping paper rolls (you get more use from these...and you don't have to wait to stock pile a bazillion rolls of toilet paper. Believe me, your husband will thank you :) lol), 4 paper towel rolls and about 3 toilet paper rolls.

I then cut each roll into about quarter inch sections. This is what took a ton of time, not counting how bad my hands hurt after doing it.

Next I put them into little flowers using 5 sections. I hot glued the 'pedals' together. Once I figure out how I wanted my 'wallpaper' to look (even though it wasn't quite the vision I had hope for...let's say, it was more the less-patient version ;)) I added an extra sixth pedal to the bottom.
Recycled Art

With this six pedal, I secure the top of the next flower to it once I started putting them in a line. Doing this made me use less flowers and save more time :)
Toilet Paper Roll Art

Once I had all the flowers attached to each row, I staggered them when I put them up on the wall. I didn't want all the flowers to be in a line, so I started one row with a flower, and one row with the sixth pedal. You can see this in the picture below. I just hung the top flower on a push pin.
Toilet Paper Roll Art

Here's the before of my bathroom. Boring, yes :)

I was planning on having the wood sticks stay there, and then realized that this looked way to Hawaiian for my was all of a sudden very tropical, reminded me of eating at Rumbi Grill lol. I don't know why :) And since I didn't want to eat at Rumbi Grill every time I went to the bathroom, I figured I should change it up a bit.
Recycled Toilet Paper Roll Art

It was around this time I also realized how dark this bathroom was. So, I added lots of white accents to brighten it up a little bit. Then I thought to myself...well, maybe I should change these lights out. They have been in there ever since we moved in...and that's over 4 years ago...maybe changing the bulbs will help a little?

ummmm. Well, see for yourself.

How disgusting is that! No wonder it was so dark in this bathroom lol. And if the bulbs were that dirty, you can only imagine how dirty the light fixture was. Don't judge. I'm tall, but not that tall...out of site out of mind. Now I know to do this in my other bathroom...maybe it'll help with the lighting in there (besides the fact that I still need to change out the dead bulb from like 3 months ago)

Anyway :) This was a fun free project...nothing like having a literal translation of art in my bathroom using toilet paper rolls.


  1. Wow that came out fantastic, you did a beautiful job!

  2. I'm kind of blown away by how creative that is and how good it turned out!

  3. Cute idea! I just gave all my saved up tp rolls away to my fiance's kindergarten because we're moving soon, but I can start a new collection at our new place as well ;)

    Cheers, Anni

  4. lol! As I opened your blog, I read recycle toilet paper...I thought ugh! then I saw your pretty design. I did something similar but on an artist's canvas (cheapie dollar store kind) painted the toilet rolls and glued them like flowers....after about a year it was a real dust collector (I had painted the canvas black and the flowers various colours) so it is now in the basement waiting to be recycled! Parts of the flowers came undone too from the humidity but I see you were smart and strung them! Looks great and a great idea!! TFS

  5. Lovely. I am confused about the string. How/why did u use a string. Also, how did u attach the rows to the wall? U mentioned several times that this version was not what u originally envisioned. What was your original thought?
    Thank u.

    1. Sorry for the confusion. There's no string. I just meant each 'string' as in each string of flowers...or row of flowers :) I attached them just using a push pin on the top flower. As for my original idea, it was just a lot tighter cluster of flowers with hardly any empty wall space between.

  6. Oh my, how creative are you! This is perfect for a little accent wall like this. I will have to keep hoarding toilet paper rolls so I have enough to create this somewhere in my house...

    We'd love to have you come link up at where we host a Remodelaholics Anonymous linky party every weekend (Friday through Monday) for all types of home projects. Come share this or any of your other posts, too!

  7. PEDAL?? P E T A L ;)

  8. You're incredibly creative, Alicia! I've seen countless ideas to recycle toilet paper rolls, but one of them looked quite as good as this one. You truly have a knack for DIY and a skill to make art and decoration out of rubbish! Keep up the good work :)

  9. You are incredible! I can't believe how beautiful this decoration looks! I would never think of a way to reuse the toilet rolls! I love ideas and projects for reusing and recycling materials. Thanks for sharing this on!

  10. This is very interesting! You did a great work! I will start to collect toilet paper rolls, so I can do the 3D Wall Paper. Thank you!

    Best Regards, Alice


happy DIYing! Alicia