Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Nursery Concept Boards

I'm over six months into this pregnancy so I figure I should probably get started on the nursery :) I almost completed the board and batten in there, yay! You'll see that on Friday :) But as for the furniture.... well, that's another story. This is a  room I have never decorated before so I had to start from the basics and get my mind wrapped around what I wanted. The best way to do this? Concept boards.

I'm going pretty neutral on the wall color. And I'm not a fan of the whole obvious blue is boy and pink is for girl thing. I like subtle hints of the color, but not an outrageous usage of them. Plus...I like everything white. So that lends itself a problem. The hubs keeps saying....are you sure you want all white furniture in there? You know its going to get dirty real quick?? Then of course I say the obvious...well then at least you can see it and clean it up right?? Exactly. So I'm sticking with my normal usage of white. It makes everything so fresh and crisp and clean. We'll see if I regret that decision later ;)

I have two dressers already that are painted white that I'm going to retrofit for the nursery. So the only thing I really need is a crib, a comfy chair, a rug, curtains and accessories. Here are my ideas so far for both a boy and a girl nursery.

 I'm in love with the idea of a super plush white rug for the nursery. I don't know. It just gives that sweet softness feel. Also, since most of the stuff in here is going to be white...which is somewhat traditionally more of a feminine color (or at least I think so...mainly cuz the hubs hates it lol) I wanted to add a masculine brown to the mix with the curtains and chair. Everything else would be very neutral with accents of blue in frames and the bedding (in very small doses) :). Plus, is it weird to put a chandelier in a boys room??? I'm thinking for now its a good plan...obviously this would be changed out as the babe gets older.  Here are the sources for each of these: Rug, Crib, Chair, Dresser, Curtains, Chandelier, Blanket.

As for the girls nursery. I was thinking of a complete romantic vibe. Maybe even going as far as distressing a few things (which I usually don't) to give it that older romantic feel. Obviously I would need a lot more softer lines in here since everything is square :) The rug from the boys room would totally fit in here, that would help a little. This is going in the same direction as the boys nursery except pretty much having everything white with small accents of pink in the bedding and accessories. Maybe not even pink. Maybe a sweet purple? Maybe no girly color at all? lol. I don't know why I'm so against pinks :) Maybe it's because all I ever wear is black, grey, and brown. lol. Who knows?
Here are the sources for this room: Rug, Crib, Chair, Dresser, Curtains, Chandelier, Blanket.

 Did I do a good job keeping you wonder about if its a boy or a girl?? or maybe twins?? lol. I hope so...although I'm bound to cave eventually ;)
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