Monday, December 19, 2011

Reinvented Butter Dish

I know that Christmas is less than a week away, but I'm plum out of Christmas crafts this year :) I think I did maybe one, I'm not even sure. Oh well. I did do one non-Christmas craft though! I guess it could be Christmassy...maybe use it as a gift? Either way.
The hubs has decided to start leaving the butter out. I've never done this,  I didn't grow up in a household that did this, so I just don't understand it. I guess the only thing that its good for is when a recipe calls for soften butter, then I don't have to wait two hours for the butter to soften. By then I usually don't care about the cookies or whatever anymore anyway. Or I just usually go the easy route and 'soften' in the microwave. haha. Well. Eitherway, it grosses me out. Mostly from the fact that if its just out in the open it can get who knows what on it. Dust, dirt, grease, little fly foot prints, the nasties on little fly foot get the idea.
So, I found this butter dish and cover at Tai Pan for about $2. Its functional. But not at all pretty. Type of pretty that would look great behind closed cabinet doors :)
I wanted to dazzle it up a bit. I was thinking of crazy things like rhinestones and paint. Nothing too extraordinary. haha. jk. I just hated how plain it was. So, I went to Hobby Lobby and found this great drawer pull for $3. You could do this with a knob, but you will have to use a Dremel or something of the sort to cut off the bolt. With the pull, I bypassed that step :)

I just attached the pull to the cover with some Gorilla Glue. Usually you have to apply pressure to the pieces while the glue adheres itself, but there was pretty much no way to do this, so I didn't. And it didn't really matter. The pull still stuck like glue :)
I tried hot glue to do this. FAIL. Super Glue. FAIL. The only thing that worked was the Gorilla Glue. It only took a couple of hours to adhere also, which was super nice. I was expecting an all nighter. Anyway. This was by far the easiest project ever.
And now its alright to have it out on the counter :) And I'm not freaked out by the butter so much anymore. The only thing now is how do I measure it when its out of the wrapper...there's no tablespoon marks anymore. haha. oh well. I guess I can measure it with an actual measuring spoon.
Luckily, the glue didn't bubble too much, I made sure to only put it on the inner most parts of the drawer pull that was touching the lid. The little bit that did come out came off pretty easily with a scrape of a knife. Now the hubs can have his soften, warm butter and I don't have to stare at it or worry about whats infesting it :) Its a win win for sure.

Hope you all have a great Christmas!