A Neutral Fall Mantel

I've finally got around to decorating for fall! The funny thing is, that since I completely dreaded doing this, I now realize that my fall decorating tastes...all in neutrals...looks more like I'm decorating for the dreaded season after fall. haha.Cuz everything is in shades of white. Oh well.
The first step in the process of decorating my mantel was to create the centerpiece, the barn door/gate door. Whatever you want to call it. I'll take you through this process in my next post.
Because of the size of the door, I needed a large wreath. The first one I put on is about 2 feet in diameter. There was just something missing with only one, so I took apart one of my spring wreaths, and put it in middle of the big one. Perfect fit, wouldn't you say? :) I love not having to go to the store. haha.
I debated not using the finials that flanked the door, but once I got the pumpkins in place, they fit right in.

I used the pumpkins I created in this post for the mantel. I love the little whimsy they added.
As much as I procrastinating decorating, thinking that it will speed up the seasons or something, as if I have control of that...I decided that I need to embrace it while its here :) I just cant' wait until the temps fall into seventies so I can get some pumpkins out on my porch and not have them melt :) Although, I am enjoying these eighties...so I'm really in no rush.

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  1. It's completely and wonderfully perfect. :)

  2. It's gorgeous and I always enjoy non-traditional fall colors. The barn door goes perfectly with everything!

  3. i love a good neutral palate!! very elegant!!

  4. I am in love with your neutral palette. So lovely!

  5. I just love the simplicity of your decor! :o)

  6. Beautiful mantel. I love your idea of using two wreaths! Looks fab.

  7. I love this. Simple elegance at it's best.

  8. I love your fall decor and featured it on my blog MAY DAYS


happy DIYing! Alicia