Scrap Fabric Pillow Cover

I'm going to warn you, I had one of those extremely restless nights last night...oh and the night before, so some of this post, or maybe even all of it may or may not make any sense :)
I hope I'm not the only out there that feels this way, but I am completely horrified of gas appliances.
When we moved into our house and hooked up our gas stove, I was at the stove 24/7 for a week straight nose to the wall swearing I smelled gas.
Well. Our dryer went out last week, so we found a screaming deal on a gas dryer, luckily we had both options for hookups, and the hubs said gas would save money and dry our clothes faster, so maybe we should try a gas dryer this time.
All I heard was 'dry clothes faster' so I agreed.
He got the dryer hooked up last night, and put some clothes in before we went to bed.
Then my stress case-ness came rearing out of nowhere right at the brink of sleep.
"I should check if I can smell gas." Images of 'invisible' gas floating over to the pilot light and igniting and blowing us all up popped in my head once every two minutes until I got up.
I checked to see if all was clear and no gas was leaking.
Went back to bed, but I might as well of not even checked at all, cuz I was stressing it up again.
Somehow, I fell asleep. Then at 11:44 woke up to my alarm going off, just two little beep beeps. Freaky cuz my alarm was off, I only use the darn thing for the clock. That jolted me right awake, and so I figured it was God's way of telling me to check on the gas again :) Got up, all was good. Went back to bed. 12:44, alarm went off again but instead with a deep buzzing sound. Freaked me out. Got up, checked, clear. Went back to bed. Had a horrific nightmare (which I never ever have) woke up literally screaming, two seconds later hubs phone went off, "droid" like he had a text message, two seconds after that, lightening struck and lit up our whole room. Looked at the clock, 1:44.
Yes, this freaked me out a little bit. I woke up the hubs and told him to check his phone, no text message, no nothing...freaked me out more.
Little to say, I really didn't get much sleep after that.
Was the universe trying to tell me something???

Anyway. So now I am operating off of little sleep....and I usually get like 10 hours of sleep a night, so we'll see where this day takes me :)
So, long story short, I'm going to keep it a little simple today.
Before the redecorating process of my front room began, I had a great idea for a pillow with a big large flower on the whole thing...all in white. I got around to making the case for the pillow using my tutorial found here, but that was about it. And sadly, it sat like this on the couch for a couple of months. Just a plain, white pillow....and I never did get around to making the pedals for said flower. 
Which may have been a blessing in disguise (not really, just saved me some time and hassle :) lol) cuz now that I wanted to add color into the room, the pillow would have matched, yes, but then I wouldn't have been able to use scraps of fabric to make it pop :)
I'm not too sure what you would call this, a pillow band? a pillow bracelet? Either way...its not just a plain ol' white pillow anymore.
To get it to this point, took I the cover and turned it inside out, used a seam ripper and ripped about 7 or so inches of the seam out.

I then tucked the accent fabric into the now opened seam, pinned and stitched into place. 
Next, I turned the fabric back to the inside being in, and eyed where I wanted the accent fabric to line up with the other seam.
 Used the seam ripper and ripped some more stitches out and folded the fabric into the now ripped seam.  
I then pinned this from the inside before turning it inside out again, made it a little easier.
I stitched that into place.
Next was adding a little more color and pizazz. 
I ripped about two inches from some burnt orange satin, folded in at beginning a little bit and secured the middle in place with some hot glue. I then started turning and twisting the fabric around  and around, securing it in place with some glue ever couple of twists. 
I wanted to make the 'flower' bigger than the fabric band, so once I reached the point of going past the fabric, I started securing the satin to itself instead of the accent fabric.

To finish it up, just fold the end piece underneath the flower and secure.
Not too bad for just using fabric scraps. 
Somehow I made it through writing this post without falling asleep and only yawning five times :)
 p.s. see max dog there in the corner? I think I'm going to make a giveaway with you'all playing something like "Where's Waldo" but instead "Where's Max". He's in more pictures that you would think, lol, and that I even notice...him or his hair. :)


  1. The cushion is very pretty. Love the entire set up. Pinning a picture of it.

    Hope you have a peaceful sleep tonight :)


  2. The pillow is great and I love how you put the whole entry together with the pillows and vase. So funny my dog insist on getting into all my pics too, darn divas!

  3. Love the added flower, what a great idea. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. I love that burnt orange color it just pops on that pillow. The pillow is awesome.. Make's me want to start spinning a rose with some fabric and see what happens. Enjoyed it so much. If you get a chance Alica stop by and see me. I am a newer blogger and would love your visit.

    Enjoyed your blog and am now a follower of yours. Great Success to you,


happy DIYing! Alicia