Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Eggs-elent Decorating Ideas

I'm not one to decorate for Easter....or really any other holiday besides Christmas. But this year, I figured I might as well put a few hints of Easter or spring around my house just to mix it up a bit :) cuz goodness knows I don't get enough of 'mixing' it up. lol. (obviously, I've being facetious).

I bought some eggs that were on clearance last year and totally forgot about them until I got a weird whim to up and clean my office. Its amazing I found anything up there in the first place....good gravy, I didn't know how bad it had gotten. Yikes! I took a picture of it just to remind myself not to let it get that bad again....and I would show you....but I'm pretty much beyond embarrassment about it. Like...just imagine a craft store and an office building blew up at the same time two yards from eachother and all the debris ended up in one small 12x12 room. Yep. And you can also add the shards of wood that inevitably would end up there, because I got that too :)

Okay. Well. Back to Easter and Eggs.
I found the eggs.
And Yes, they are army eggs, yours eyes are not deceiving you:
And since I've been in this crazy chalkboard mood, I decided to spraypaint them with some chalkboard paint and turn them into cute little pieces of art :) you can probably see...I'm definitely no artist.

I drew these when I realized I couldn't draw normal looking flowers. lol :) 

Well, they may not be pretty....but you get the idea.
I bet they would be awesome with different colors of chalk.
Once I realized I'm no artist. I decided to go my natural way and use Jute!!

Oh yes ma'am...these turned out just the way I wanted them too!

I just secured one end of the jute to the bottom of the egg with a little hot glue, and kept winding that baby up until I got to the top and glued it there too. 
I love jute! If I could cover my house in it....I probably would. But then that would be probably not.

Have any exciting plans for Easter???