Turning Neutral and $5 Wall Art

I'm currently in the process of taking color out of my house.
Well, not all color.
But I'm trying to keep most of the colors a little more neutral. I feel like this would be a great gateway into spring and summer, keeping all the rooms fresh and airy....and bright!
And of course, because I love change.

This was our dining room in transition stage after Christmas.
I love the warmth the curtains and the painting bring.
But its been like that for over two years now.

The two main things that had the most color, of course, had to go. So in place of the painting, I went to the DI and found some great frames. I wanted to use all of them, but then when it came down to it, I figured three would be the best choice.

So, I spraypainted them with a flat white.

Then took some sandpaper and roughed up the edges and took some dark walnut stain to it.
I love distressing things because it means that the paint doesn't have to be perfect :) cuz you won't be able to tell either way in the long run.

Here is the $5 wall after.
I got that awesome middle frame for $3!
I was elated.

I then changed out the curtains. I hand make all of my curtains, mainly because I need at least 110" and no store carries that long unless I order it online, and then in that case, I like to see and feel the curtains before I buy them...so this way wouldn't do.
But then I found out that Ikea makes 118" curtains!

The before:::

And for now, the after::::::

The pheasant on the wall to the left probably has to stay. Its the hubs pride and joy :)
And as I said before, its my house just as much his.
So, while I get to add my mark onto everything, this is his two feet of space to add his :)
And because of that little bird....I had to transition a little more color into the dining room...although I didn't want to. But it looked rather unbalanced. So I added an easel with a painting in the corner.
I think for now, its a good mixture, until we get the basement finished and he can move his dear pheasant down there. lol.



  1. Love this room so much-you did a fabulous job!!Claire

  2. I like your softer look and I understand what you mean about toning things down. Years ago when we moved in our house, we painted it a beige to be safe while we were deciding how to decorate it. This was in the 90s when all the decorators on tv told you to put color on the walls.

    I swore I would never be some of those "boring" people that did beige. Yet as I've been decorating my house in the past year, what color are most of my walls? You guessed right if you said beighe. I love how it looks paired with white for a breezy, calm look.

  3. I like the framed candles, I am going to do that!


happy DIYing! Alicia