Almost out of the fish bowl

Here are a few more windows that I recently covered:I thought the double curtain idea made an oasis for our jetted tub and brought much needed color into the area without having to paint.

Here's our kitchen window that I had to cover in point two seconds when neighbors finally moved into the house next door. These were just interim until our new blinds arrived, although I was kind of sad to see them go. These were uber easy to make. Just a couple yards of fabric, some ribbon and iron on seam tape. It probably took about 10 minutes to do (I got lucky because the bottom was already finished).

Here's the kitchen with our $100 wood blinds (ugh, to think I might have to cover my whole house in these). It looks good at least :)

Here they are opened. I love the light that this window allows in during the morning (although, do these blinds make my kitchen look like an office? I'm still on the fence with this one)


happy DIYing! Alicia