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Friday, August 15, 2014

Side Table Makeover with Brass Details

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It's been forever since I have painted a piece of furniture without repurposing it too. It was kind of fun...and easy :) I should probably start doing it more often, but then again, I'm also running out of places to put things in my house lol.

So, awhile back I was shared on Facebook that Hobby Lobby was having a massive clearance on a ton of furniture...up to 90% off. This is where this beauty came from:
I was planning on going to the thrift store by our house to pick up some cute side tables for a room I was redoing, but decided to bag it since I knew the prices I would find. They seriously think they are the Ashley Furniture clearance area. I kid you not. The turnaround there is pretty slow because of it too. So, I decided to nix it and get some fabric at Hobby Lobby instead. Then of course, I saw Hobby Lobby's sale. And...yeah, ended up coming home with 5 tables, and 1 yard of fabric :) I picked up this table for just a little bit more than what I would have gotten it at the thrift store.

I kept telling myself "I'm not going to paint this white. I'm not going to paint this white." Even though every ounce of my being was wanting me to do so. I even bought some white spray paint 'just in case' lol. I was talking to the hubs telling him that I'm thinking I just might end up painting it white and he then told me to just get a white paint bomb and explode it in our house to save time :) Luckily I've been on somewhat of a color kick lately cuz that would have been messy.
Furniture painting idea -add corner brackets for cute details
Yep, I decided to go bold and paint it teal. Holy moly. It looks so out of place in my house lol. But! It's not white :)

This table was just cheap mdf and horribly finished (in my opinion), so I decided to sand the heck out of it and give it a good dose of primer.
I then went out of my comfort zone and changed the beautiful white primer into Krylons "Sea Glass". A little bolder than I anticipated :) I've been wanting to do some brass/gold details on some pieces of furniture for awhile now, and I figured this would be the perfect piece since just painting it would be so boring. So, I grabbed some corner brackets and a brass knob and added them on.
And since it was already pretty gawdy, why not go all out?
Furniture painting idea -add fun design to side of drawers
I stenciled a cute design on the drawer with some gold and white paint.
I love how this looks, opened and closed.
Furniture painting idea -add fun design to side of drawers
Furniture painting idea

I'm loving this piece, but it only looks good on my white wall, not my beige walls. So, now I have to go and paint another wall white lol ;) Or I may just end up using it in the bedroom I just redid at my mom's house. What do you think?...or maybe I will end up painting it white again so it fits back in my house lol.

before and after furniture transformation

Friday, May 23, 2014

Reupholstering A Pair Of Cast Off Chairs

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I came home one day with the back of our SUV stuffed with two chairs in it. I could see my husband's face as I asked him to help me take some stuff out of the car. He wasn't thrilled. At least he didn't give me any grief. I got these chairs for free from my office.
They used to sit there all day all worn out and tattered, and I had dreams of eventually redoing them. But that was like 5 years ago. Anyway, dreams finally do come true :) And since they are not needed at my office any more, they are now a perfect fit for my home.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Refurbishing Furniture with 3M DIY

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This post is a collaboration with 3M DIY. To keep up-to-date on projects, products and sampling visit The content, project and opinions are 100% mine.
refurbishing furniture technique
I had a great opportunity to work with 3M DIY once again on this fun little project...well, fun once all the sanding was over and the dust settled and I could see the finished project :) Don't get me wrong, I love doing all the inbetween stuff to get to the finished project...but this time around, oh boy. There was tons and tons of sanding and dust and just grossness that I could have lived without.

Friday, August 23, 2013

How to reupholster a chair seat when it won't come off

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I belong to a yard sale Facebook group. Yes, one of those that completely clutters your news feed with a lot of junk :) ...well, every once in awhile there is gem hidden in that junk. I found these awesome chairs for $5 each. There were four, but two were already called for, so I grabbed the other two as quickly as I could. I had the hubs at their house 10 minutes after I saw the post. Serious. These deals don't last long :) ....well that and I really wanted the chairs lol.
reupholster a chair
I was so excited to get them....and well, they have been sitting in my garage ever since. And it's been like 3 months, at least. See. I have this problem. I don't have any place to put them :) That and the other 10 chairs I have in the basement. But luckily a vacancy opened up in my front room after switching the furniture in there around with the furniture in the living room. 

Friday, July 19, 2013

Restoring Family Heirlooms with True Value and a Giveaway!

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I love how wonderful it is that anyone can restore an old family heirloom through a DIY project and bring it back to life. I currently have a wonderful little vanity given to me from my grandmother that I can't wait to restore :) It's just sitting in the basement collecting dust, but one of these days I swear I will get to it! Another heirloom given to me was a cute little rocking chair. I have no idea how old it is. The seat was completely worn and tattered just calling for a new updated that will bring it's life back. One that will make it a loved piece again, rather than a piece of furniture sitting in the garage or basement.

The wood was in decent condition (besides some water spots) and I couldn't bring myself to paint it anyway. So, the easiest update was of course to change out the seat.

First thing was to clean the poor thing though. It was sooo filthy....years and years of dust. Just cleaning it alone brought a whole new life back to it and got rid of most of what I thought was water damage.

Next was securing some fabric onto the seat. The seat cushion was a little worn, but salvageable. I'm sure within the next few months I'll be putting some foam in there. I love nothing more than brown with white. It's so simple and pretty :)

This will eventually move into my daughter's room when she's old enough. I love passing on things to her and hoping that she will eventually be passing it onto her little ones :) I just hope she has a lot of room in her house when she is old enough, because I have many...many family heirloom pieces to pass along.
restoring family heirlooms
Another piece of furniture that has been passed down from my grandmother is this cute little dresser. It's not super old, mid-century I'd say. But it has gone through three generations, first to my mom, then to me and now it's in my little babe's room, so count that four generations :) This was my dresser growing up, it's made of good sturdy wood...and well, by the time I got through with had its bumps and bruises...and writing all over it ;) When I got it back from my mom when we moved into our house, I knew I had to update it and clean it up. It went from horrible non-treated water stained wood...etc, a beautiful crisp white. It was missing a few handles, so I bought some cute rosette ones for the missing pieces. I'm currently using it as a changing table in the nursery....which by the way has yet to be used :) I know I know...I should get on that lol.This will hopefully be the dresser that the little one grows up with, just like I did, and my mom did before me.
Restoring family heirlooms

True Value has a wonderful video that truly illustrates the value of keeping heirlooms in the family. You can watch it below, or click here.

True Value has been so kind to offer one of you guys a $50 gift card to their store! To enter to win:
  1. Watch the video above and leave a comment below about your own family heirlooms.
  2. Like Thrifty and Chic on Facebook, leave a comment below stating that you did.
 It's that easy :) There are up to two entries per person! The giveaway ends next Thursday July 25th at Midnight MST.

I'm excited to hear about your family heirlooms, hopefully in future posts you will get to see more of mine :)

Disclosure: I have been compensated in kind from True Value for running this giveaway.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

How to distress furniture...the easy way!

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If you have been following my Pinterest boards recently, you may have noticed all the pins relating to photography. I'm sorry to flood your feed with them :) I'm sort of dabbling in the idea of starting a newborn/baby photography business. I've always been interested in photography and have taken classes in the past and have thought many times of starting up a business, but never have. I think I am finally on the cusp of actually doing it :) Before I do this though, I know how much knowledge and learning needs to play a part. I'm taking more classes and trying to get myself more prepared. We'll see where it goes or if it scares me off! :)

Luckily, I have a ton of props already and my new planked wall in my front room works lovely as a backdrop...and the one in the dining room is wonderful too :) I also have plenty of chairs and fabric to use.  I have this old black chair that I spray painted years ago, and really wanted to change the color.  Once I started taking photos with it though, I realized how much I loved the black. But my style is really soft colors, and black is sadly not one of these. I really wanted it to be a beautiful mint or calming green. My mom gave me that previous chair, so I asked her if she by chance had another one she might be willing to part with and she did! It has been used for painting, had been outside for years, and was most recently used as part of a jungle gym she built for her cat. Since she had another chair to replace that one, she let me have it :) Score!
Distressing furniture

Friday, April 12, 2013

Repurposing a Lamp into a Table

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Lamp to Table Makeover
I have a love obsession with lamps....that along with candles and pillows...and headboards. Well, really, the list can go on and on lol. Anyway. So what happens to a lamp when it doesn't work anymore? Why transform it into a side table of course :) In order to do this, the lamp needs to be at least a medium size if not larger, and have somewhat of a sturdy heavy base in order to stand without toppling once the top is on. 

First step: Demolish your lamp..well, not really. Just the part that makes it a lamp :) Take off the shade and the shade holder. Then on the piece that holds the light bulb, unscrew it/pull it out enough so you can see the cord/wire and cut the wire off. Of course, I shouldn't have to say this, but make sure the lamp isn't plugged in. Now take the cord out of the bottom so you shouldn't have a cord any more.
 Step 2: I had a lot of attempts with the best way to attach the lamp to the table top. There are a few ways you can do it depending upon the supplies on hand. First, the best way, would be to take a spade bit in the size of the diameter of the lightbulb holder part. My bits were either just a bit too small or to big, so I didn't do it this way. But if you do. Drill into a 2x4 piece of wood about half way down and then plop the lightbulp holder part into the hole. If you want to make sure it's in there for good, add some gorilla glue or wood glue to hold.

Now for me, I decided to just gorilla glue the piece to the wood. Which worked great! But as the glue started to expand, I had to push down the bubbles a little bit so it wouldn't become such an eye sore once spray painted and finished.
 Step 3: Now secure the 2x4 piece to the center of your round/square table top. I got this from Home Depot for about 4 bucks. It's 18 inches in diameter.
Step 4: Once everything is dry and secure. Screw the top piece back onto the main lamp base. Just hold the lamp base steady, and swirl around the top!

Step 5: Prime the piece. Now, I have to admit something. I hate priming pieces. Hate it. And hardly ever do it, and sometimes don't get the most awesome results....and then I usually end up wasting a lot more spray paint than I should. So, I figured I should prime this one. I swear I'm going to do it every time now. The results were fantastic.
 Step 6: Spay paint! I got a really pretty turquoise from Rust-oleum. Best sprayer ever on this can by the way :) And it covers so I probably didn't even have to do a second coat. :)
 And there you have it! A great little side table for the price of the table top (which I had on hand, so free for me  :) )
Lamp to Table Makeover
 You might wonder what it looks like with the block of wood. It doesn't look bad at all! You can see it in the below picture. You can probably add another block if you want more height. I also noticed on a few of my lamps that the lightbulb holder part isn't so secure, so you can just take this part off altogether and secure the next piece into the 2x4 block. If you are then worried about the height, just add another block. I guess some of this configuration will all depend on the lamp you use :)

As for the little switch that turns the light on? I unscrewed the main part, but the screw is still on there. But you can't even see it or tell. I think camouflaging it with the same color helps.
Lamp to Table Makeover
 I love this pop of color. I think the hubs is probably happy to that I'm actually using some color, although I'm not sure how he feels about such a punchy color lol. Truthfully, I love the color, it's so so happy feeling :)
Lamp to Table Makeover
 I have a somewhat matchstick lamp I want to try this out on next. It has a good base, so hopefully it won't wobble and fall over lol.
Have any fun plans for the weekend? I have to figure out what the heck to do while the hubs is out golfing all weekend lol. I guess here comes some more projects :)

Friday, March 29, 2013

Armoire Before and After

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 As I have said many times in the past, my house drives me nuts. Don't get me wrong. I love my house. But we have no storage space at all. We have no closets except for the ones in the bedrooms. No coat closet, no linen closet. I don't understand it. Who builds a house without a coat or linen closet?? Anyway. I didn't notice it's lack of closets until we moved in. Not that that would have made a difference in the purchase of the house, cuz I love it so much....but it does make me realize to check future houses for closet space :)

So for years now, my coats and linens have been crammed into our master bedroom closet. And I am a complete lover of all things coats. Like....I think I have at least 20 least. So you can only imagine what a closet full of clothes and then jam packed with 20 coats would look like (not including my husband's) So I needed a solution and a place to put all those coats....and a place for random bedsheets and pillow covers (and don't get me started on how many pillow covers I have :)...if you read my know ;)...)

Luckily, when my offices moved from a bigger location to a much smaller location, we had a ton of armoires that didn't fit and got put into storage. And found it's way to my house :) Score! So, these armoires were really weird. They were actually built to hide/house a gym. Well, not a whole gym of course, but a place to hide a treadmill and tv and weights. But the treadmill was gone...and no tv... or else that would have been way awesome :) So, instead, just an empty box.

So, I took it and totally redid it to fit my needs and decor :) First up was to paint it my go to color Crisp Linen White from Glidden. This is the best white in my book :) It has enough warmth to it so it doesn't look sterile. This took forever to seriously the longest time. I's a huge piece. Like 9 feet tall and at almost 4 feet wide.
Armoire Makeover
 I also decided to hang one of my knockoff Ballard Design mirrors on the end. Since it's rather domineering because of it's size, it looked way to big and had too much a blank spot when you walked by it. So I dressed it up with the mirror :) Odd? Yes, but I love it. lol.
Armoire Makeover

Next was to change out the hardware. I found these knobs at Hobby Lobby. I fell in love with them, especially the color. I wanted to go with something more boring like silver or white...but I knew I had to step out of my comfort I got these :) .....yes, this is me stepping out of my comfort zone. lol Nothing in my house is red. Nothing.
 As for the inside...Well, I had to punch it up a bit and paint it turquoise. I loved the color and well, I wanted to have some fun. If I was going to paint the inside anyway...I might as well paint it a cool color :)
Armoire Makeover
 I then stenciled the inside panel with this lattice pattern. I've used this stencil on a few of my pieces of furniture..and I think a rug even :) You can find the pattern in the link at the bottom of the post to download.
This is another thing that took rather long to do, but totally worth it :)
 Next was retrofitting it to my needs. So I threw in a clothes bar and a shelf for the bottom. Trust me though, this is not how it currently looks :) Imagine it packed full of coats lol. I just had to take most of them out to show you the shelf. The shelf is a perfect place to hide my weights...and great place to hide the vacuum cleaner also :)
The top is the same color on the inside and are where all the linens are hiding.
Armoire Makeover
The best thing about this...well, there's a couple. It solved my problem about having no place to put my coats ...and was free :) You can't beat that! The only thing I spent money on were the knobs, the pint of paint for the inside and the bar.
Armoire Makeover

Here's the link for the stencil!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Chalkboard table

chalkboard table
 I haven't done a thrifted projected makeover in quite some time. In fact, just going into the thrift store was weird. I know, my blog is 'thrifty' and chic, but that doesn't mean everything has to be thrifted :) I went into the scratch and dent section of the thrift shop...yes, scratch and dent area, who knew? I guess it's more like the cast offs of the cast offs. Well, this table was sitting there and it reminded me of the tables that all the rage right now and go for hundreds of dollars only a little simpler....and well, ugly lol. Instead of a hundred dollars,  I got this one for $5 :)
 It obviously wasn't the prettiest thing and the hubs wasn't so excited about me getting it. The brass was...well....brassy :) and the glass top had the beautiful 80's etching in it. I was thinking about making a new top for it and using the glass as a template, then I thought more about it... and well, chalkboard seemed to be the perfect solution. All I had to do was spraypaint some on. Easy peasy.
chalkboard table
 So, I spraypainted the glass with some chalkboard paint and sprayed the bottom with some white much better than brass and glass :) Although I was thankful for the glass cuz it works great with chalkboard paint.

Now with any new chalkboard surface, you want  to 'season' it. If you don't season it first, you'll get 'ghost' lines from your first drawing that usually won't disappear no matter how much you try to erase it. So 'seasoning' it usually prevents this. Just run a piece of chalk lengthwise on it, then erase. Now it's seasoned.
chalkboard table
 I love the idea of having the chalkboard for a table. You can draw anything and have so much fun with it. Here I drew on a coaster. Yeah. I know. It doesn't really act like a coaster, but it's still fun :)
chalkboard table
 The best thing about this? Is changing it up whenever I want. If I had painted something, it would be like that forever...or until I repainted. Now I can change it whenever. Plus it's fun for friends and kids to draw on when they are over :) or I guess eventually for my little babe to draw on. I'm loving the chalkboard art going around right now, so here's my take with the word 'laugh'. You can also find the tutorial on the mason jars here.
chalkboard table
I really liked the crate that was here before (click here for tutorial), it was just a little 'wintery'. I'm done with winter and cold weather. I needed something a little lighter to get rid of the reminiscents of coldness.  I'm going to make warmer weather come here if I have too :)

diy crate
 Plus, it's always good to have another place to be able to set drinks on :) This of course was the perfect place, so out went the crate and in went the fun little chalkboard table.
chalkboard table
Now to get started on a few more projects I have had building up since the little babe was born. Goodness, I didn't realize how hard it would be to get things done now with her here lol :) My list is like 20 things long. I guess you'll know if I got to any of them or not depending on the frequency of my upcoming blog posts :) Although, I did find out one thing that has help so tremendously and at least now I can type with two hands instead of one hand....a wrap! It's like a moby wrap but totally hand made and it has made the biggest world of difference. She falls asleep in it the moment she's in it (knock on wood to not jinx this lol) which is a really good thing cuz she hardly sleeps during the day. But no sleep during the day means a lot of sleep at night....sooo....well, I guess I can't complain too much lol.

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